Hello beautiful people!

I’ve come from a small town in the hills called Nainital. I found Delhi all way different than what I had thought it would be! I’ve always loved dressing up but I couldn’t possibly afford the big expensive brands that I saw people wearing here. Obviously that didn’t hold me back from shopping and that’s how I came across street shopping and other not-so-expensive wonders. This blog is my journey up the ladder of economical fashion.

Here on my blog I am going to talk extensively about the art of street shopping, styling day to day clothes, brands that fit your pocket, makeup and beauty, online shopping, DIYs and lots of hacks and tricks!

It is dedicated to all the girls with limited pocket money but an eye for fashion!

6 thoughts on “Hello beautiful people!

  1. malviiika says:

    Hello! It’s good to see people out there focusing on fashion which is not so brand centred! I am glad that you addressed this problem. You have a great blog! I do look forward to reading more posts from you. ☺

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    • Yes love, exactly. I’m not an anti brand person but obviously not rich enough to afford them every single time! I believe in experimenting and playing with my clothes! So many new ideas coming up on the blog! do stay tuned Gorgeous! ❤

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  2. Aayushi says:

    Hey Dolly i just love all your posts and this website.I am also from a small town just like yours Haldwani. and i have the same traits like you. you’ve done a great job here. keep up the spirit babe. all the best! hope to meet you soon.

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