Summers and colours go hand in hand. And even though the heat almost kills me here in Delhi, I cannot help but admire the variety of colours summer brings along!

It was a similar day, I had to be on a lunch date with two of my bestfriends and this is what I decided to wear.


The grey chiffon maxi skirt was cut from a full maxi dress because I did not like to wear it anymore. That’s what I always do! First I rarely, very rarely throw my clothes away. Second, even if I do I try and figure out of there is some way I can still use a part of it or something! Haha Coming back to the topic, the skirt is great for the heat since it light and airy. I love how the skirt’s lining ends somewhere around the knees and the rest is without it! Makes it look great.

Above it I wore this almost-neon green coloured crop top. This makes the whole outfit just pop out and the grey skirt is not so grey anymore!


To compliment the look I chose even more colours! Like the Blue-green stone necklace and the hot pink wallet! For the shoes I wore my new black and gold strappys that I recently bought from the StreetStyleStore!

This look is so colourful that it just makes you fall in love with it. Its magic!

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