So like everybody else I was also very much bummed that I could not attend the Coachella Valley and Arts Festival! There is music, there is art and there is fashion and culture, the part that I love the most being a fashion blogger! I mean the clothes, oh my god! That hippie fashion is so easygoing and edgy!

Anyway, me not going there does not mean I cannot dress up the same way! So I decided to bring you guys three looks inspired by Coachella that you can easily wear in your day to day life and  they are so much fun!

This first look here is my favourite, I Put together a Blue fringed cover-up kaftan, A Black bodycon, My ankle length boots with studded spikes and to give a bodily definition to the attire I gathered the excess kaftan with a gorgeous mirror work, beaded and thread embroidered belt.  And since Coachella was full of tiaras and head bands how could I go without this signature look. I actually did not invest in those stupidly expensive ones and chose a nice ribbon and tied it around instead! 😀


Although in case if you do not have such cover-ups you can always use a huge scarf or dupatta in place. Also the belt  is not really necessary, you can just let that cover-up rule with the wind. I

If its too hot you can skip on the boots and wear flip-flops instead but don’t risk yourself with a pair of heels. And often in this prickly heat even the best blow dried hair turns frizzy and icky, you might wanna avoid that. Rather pull out your own style of tied hair like a high bun, twisted braids or anything that suits your attire!



Talking about the makeup I tried to keep it minimal because the outfit itself is so lively that too much makeup might just have been TOO MUCH. Acessorizing was also kept just right with two pendants and a very funky chain bracelet. 🙂


This is the first look, two more to go! Do let me know and follow me on INSTA babies 😛

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