So, since I promised all you beautiful ladies to bring you three beautiful and easy to wear Coachella inspired looks, I now present the second one. This one is completely different then the last one but no less edgy. As you will see in the pictures I had too much fun shooting it! 😛 For the second boho look I decided to wear a pair of pants. They are greattttttt! With all the colors and prints, don’t you think these look lovely?! I love those little placets at the bottom which add to the beauty of these retro pants. I bought these from Dilli Haat at an incredible price of INR 200. InstagramCapture_8cc6f8a3-e015-45c4-b8e5-f120d3ff9abf InstagramCapture_4fe8398e-7f05-4dbe-a3a7-ee5ad769e0de On top I wore a cute (very cute actually) crop top which says ‘little white tee ❤ ‘ ! Graphic tees are the best in trend these days so don’t you girls miss out on them. In fact there are a lot of places you an get your own quotes or pictures printed on tee shirts instead of spending a lot of money on the same! InstagramCapture_14e84908-a68a-4a27-b465-3a0deeb2ff83 Any look inspired from Coachella cannot go without some great accessories! So i wore a Hamsa pendant along with another one and some really cool bracelets ! for shoes I wore my gladiators that I had bought from Footin about two years ago! InstagramCapture_264add5f-959c-4d37-a7b2-c7bdccdbda36 Also, this summer I have been trying a lot of hairdo’s and so I decided to add on to the hippie look by making two adorable pigtails and tying them with leather thread! I think it worked out great!! 😀 InstagramCapture_796e35b5-9dde-4544-ab99-75511a181231         InstagramCapture_802780f5-4756-49f4-b9bd-2f22797def6d Do let me know what you think about the whole look and don’t forget to follow me on instagram! ❤

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