Hello you beautiful people!

You must know by now how big a fan I am of street shopping. Through my blog too I wanted to convey the message that it is okay to not being able to afford brands each time and that it is okay to repeat clothes. Really! Also its not just about brands being heavy on the pocket, I am one person who would not spend a few grands on something that I can get for a few hundreds just so I get a tag with a brand name over it! Although there are always a few things that must always be bought from stores, but I will come to that later!

To me street shopping is an art and today I am going to tell you how you can street shop in a much better way, thanks to my years of experience! haha. Following are the ten magical points.


Flea markets, where ever they be, are generally huge in sizes. Besides the impromptu street shopping that just happens out of control, I also assign days to it and make a plan before hand. I think it helps a lot.

So, take out a whole day. Take along all the necessary things. Sunscreen, shades, umbrella, you own  big bags to keep the stuff in ( I know how it feels to carry twenty little bags and losing one or two sometimes! )


I believe, visiting these markets during early noon works the best. Since they are all small shopkeepers, you can bargain easily during the early hours. In summers, due to the heat there are not many people around, so if you can bear the sun and shop during those hours, kudos to you.

But if you just can’t keep up with the sun right above your head, even late evenings are fine, when the shopkeepers are about to pack up and pull the shutters down, they generally tend to agree to your prices!

In a nutshell, go when there is lesser crowd than usual, like weekdays rather than weekends.


A lot of people make the huge mistake of buying things that they see a lot and think that it is what the trend is. NO. Always try not to pick up clothes that you see a lot of. What happens in the end is that everyone buys the same clothes and you look like everybody else!



Go for more unique things. Things that you see only at a single or few shops without too much of it together!


( The first picture has chains of same shirts that means it has a large stock. Avoid them. The second picture has a crop top which I found only at this particular shop and no where else! Choose things like these. 🙂 )


This is one stupid point but it is for those people who do not know how to bargain or feel shy! There is no point of street shopping without bargaining. There is a reason why you chose the market. If you find it hard, take somebody along who is good at it.:)


A lot of things that is sold in the markets is defected, in fact most of it. Therefore it becomes very important that you thoroughly check what you buy. Look for cuts, holes, stains etc. Do turn the clothes inside out and check that too, specially the ones with linings.



( These pictures are the perfect example of defected pieces so be careful! )

Always better to take a good look than regretting later.


Street shopping is task, even more so during summers! There are no fans, let alone ACs and it is a self service area. Therefore it is always tiring, so be patient, take your time and find out the best for yourself.


Avoid buying badly stitched clothes. Sometimes there are clothes that these shopkeepers have made themselves, which do not have a nice job done on themselves. Try not buying those!


(You can see in the above picture how badly the top has been stitched. AVOID.)


Sometimes we may come across things which can be changed a little to look better. For example, a t-shirt that you might like better ripped, or a dress you’d like to be turned shorter. Be creative. Think of how else a piece of clothing can be styled or altered.


A lot of flea markets have people selling fake makeup and other cosmetics, watches etc claiming them to be original but stolen which is not true so try not buying those. Those fake Louis Vuitton bags and belts do no good ladies! So don’t buy anything with a false brand tag, it is a big turn off! 🙂




These sort of markets are generally crowded and full of unwanted people.Take good care of all your stuff and specially of your wallet and cell phones!

So these were the ten points/rules that I always abide by and I hope they help you in your next street shopping venture! Do let me know of your views and suggestions and follow me over instagram in case you don’t!


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