Hi beautiful people,

Here I am, up with another amazing blog post. When I started, I had told you that my blog is going to be about affordable fashion and these days, I feel online shopping has become the best way to shop in your budget.

A lot of start-ups have come up selling their collection online and I love how big a variety and freshness they have been providing us.One such incredible brand is URBAN PITARA . I will tell you more about it by the end of the post when you’ve actually seen for yourself, what I’m talking about. 🙂

Lets come to the post. Today I’m going to show you the potential of a bodycon dress. I myself, have always been a fan of bodycon dresses. I think that these are undoubtedly the sexiest silhouette for any woman out there! In this post I am going to show you how I styled a fabulous dress by the Urban Pitara in two ways! Lets take a look! 😀


I decided style the dress first in a casual way. This look is best suited for college, a lunch date or just anything during the day. It is a classy day look.



The dress needs no description. It speaks for itself. Monochrome is something that never goes out of fashion. NEVER. And checks X monochrome make an effortless chic combination. The dress fits like it is a part of my body and the fabric is great to beat the heat. And you know why I absolutely adore about this dress? The little window at the back! haha Don’t you think it just stands out! I love it. And I also love how the dress is a midi length, which is again so much in vogue these days! The dress feels and looks heavenly.



I chose to wear a denim shirt over the dress to make it look funky, fun and easygoing. Plus, denim is so in, I’d throw it over anything. haha.

You guys by now would know how big of a tomboy I am inside and so why would I miss a chance to wear sneakers! I wore my converse which perfectly complimented the monochrome theme.


A feminine hand bag would have totally ruined the show so I decided to rather carry a cute brown backpack! I think it works great. I layered the dress with some chunky pendants and rings that I bought from the streets. 😀




The second look is poles apart from the first. This one a more for a night with your man, a party with your friends. Choose this and all eyes will be on you!


The dress works very well with the whole mood. Even if you just put on some nice shoes and leave, the dress wouldn’t disappoint you at all!

But obviously how could a person like me go without styling it my own way? I chose to add a really beautifully made blue neck piece, a matching blue handbag and a pair of great yellow heels! My motive was to color block and I believe it turned out to be great.



However I would like to add that nothing looks classier then a great hairdo. I made a side bun which compliments the look so much that even after the shoot I did not want to open my hair. 😛 In the heat these kind of hairdos work great!



Coming back to the Urban Pitara now! The brand is run by this young and very talented Aakriti who is a post graduate designer and a personal stylist. They deal in customized contemporary fashion wear. Yes, ‘customized’. The best part about the Urban Pitara is that they believe in individuality of people and thus they don’t have ‘standard sizes’. Their designs are for you and your very own size. Isn’t that great?

Also, how can I talk of something that is not economical. Urban Pitara is highly affordable! I fell in love with the dress, I am sure you did too. They have so much more in their collection that you must check out! So what are you waiting for? Visit them on facebook at Urban Pitara and also on instagram @urbanpitara ! Show them some love! ❤

Given below are the links! 🙂

Let me know what you think of the post guys and follow me on instagram for more!

So much love.

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