Hello ladies,

As I promised on instagram I am going to bring you a great number of DIYs from now on. This is merely a start. I believe DIYs are the best way to recycle and to make things on your own which gives this feeling of great achievement haha. I am a hoarder and I rarely throw things away. I always try and make some use of them even after they have literally died. πŸ˜›

Anyways lets begin this one now!

So, I had this batman t-shirt (actually taken from my brother) since three years and I had made full use of it. And while cleaning my closet the other day I came across it again and an idea struck me!

DIY requirements:

1. An old t-shirt you want to give a make-over to.

2. A pair of sharp scissors.

You can see how normal this tee is. A big, long and boring t-shirt.


(Ignore the sleepy face! haha)

Step 1.

Fold the t-shirt in half. We are going to cut the sleeves off and this will help us be accurate with both the sleeves together. Just cut the sleeves along the seams like I did. Or you can also cut more of it to give it a more ‘muscle tee’ look!



Step 2.

This one is optional. Cut off the neck of the t-shirt according to your taste, as deep as you want. Or you can also just leave it like that. I looks great sometimes. I personally love it that way but since my t-shirt’s neck was too faded I decided to cut it off ! πŸ™‚


Step 3.

Cut the lower hem of the tee first. Spreed the tee nicely. For a better precision you can also place a card board or a book in between the two layers for the next step.


(Ignore me please! πŸ˜› Although you can take a moment and look at the cupcake boxers!)

Once you’re done cutting, stretch all the sides so that the hem folds onto itself, since its a knit fabric it will only curl over!


From one side start cutting the tee into half inch wide fringes. These can be as long as you want them to be πŸ˜€ Be careful, you might cut it hay wire and fringes might break off if too thin.




Slowly and carefully proceed to the backside of the tee. Repeat the process. πŸ™‚ And the fringes are done.

Step 4.

This one is optional again. You can leave the fringes as it is and m sure the t-shirt would look great, or you can also make a pattern like I did.



Take the first Β and the third strand and tie them together with two knots. Now take out the second strand from the middle, just pull it out and tie it with the fifth strand in the same manner leaving the fourth one in between. Proceed with the same process on both sides and below is what it is going to look like!


Cute right?


Tadaaaaaaaaaa! Here is what it looks like now!




Old tee in a new avatar! So what do you think? Do let me know and don’t forget to follow me on instagram too!


6 thoughts on “DIY ALERT! 01.

    • Hey Saniya, you’re the best. But I hate it when you say something like that about yourself. You are very beautiful yourself. Feel it gorgeous. muahhhh :*


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