Hello beautiful people,

As promised, here is this week’s DIY tutorial. 😀

With summers come the hot new hair trends which we all die to experiment. This year it is all about short hair and so many of our favourite celebrities have taken the road to short hair avatar. However, there are some of us who do not want to go down that lane because we just can’t help admiring our long tresses and the hard work we have put in. We only wish if there was a way to get that short hair hairdo for just a day, a single day! Aah .

But don’t you worry ladies, your wish has been granted. And no it is not new.  Since ages, a lot of women have tried what we call Faux bobs (pronounced: foe, meaning: false or fake). It is only now that we have more reach to our celebrities’ styles that we have come to know more about them.

However, this year we see a twist to the boring bob. It is a WOB (wavy bob). We are seeing retro culture everywhere, be it the clothes, shoes, music whatever. In this situation, how can the hairstyles miss out on it.

You have seen a lot of celebs carrying the wob, of which half of them are not even real. Don’t dismiss it calling it the magic of their high end hair stylists and products, no! it is the magic of some bobby pins.

Lets get to the tutorial.

Pre requisites:

1.A hair curler or a hair straightener

2.A lot of bobby pins

Step 1.

Start by curling your hair. Now I have three ways to do that. First, you can dampen your hair at night make two French braids (yes, the ones from the top) and go to sleep. When you wake up you will have amazing light beach curls.

Second, use a curling iron. You should keep in mind, however that we need loose curls and not the tight ones. Please make sure you use it right.

Third, use a hair straightener. I know you all know about how you can curl your hair with a straightener, we have all seen the tutorials. This is the time to do it. I used this method because it gives you just the right amount of curls, easy and light.



Do it section by section of your hair just keep curling them until you get the desired look.


Step 2.

Divide your hair into sections. I have very low volume of hair so I only needed four sections. You can divide them into sections depending on your own volume!


Step 3.

Take the first section, place your fingers just like I have in the picture below.


Now smoothly start rolling upwards. It might take some time to get it right, but don’t you worry, with practice you’ll get a hold of it.


Now take a bobby pin and start securing your hair roll.


Make sure you put the pin on the inner part of the roll. The only trick is that the pins should not be visible at all. Trust me, it is not as hard as it looks.



Repeat the same process with each section of your hair. Secure the pins nicely. You don’t them to fall off and reveal your secret.


After you are done pull out some smaller strands from the front to make it look messier!

Step 4. (optional)

Put on some hair spray which will help keep it in place and also stop the bobby pins from coming out.

I am not a great fan of putting too many products in my hair but if I have to attend a nice function or a party I sure will put on a hair spray.

And tadaaaaaaaaaa,


We are done.



The best part about this hair style is that, one you get to carry short hair whenever you want, without loosing your precious long tresses. And second, even if later in the day it starts to get loose you can just take the pins off and showoff your beautiful easy breezy culrs!

You can also do a BOB, the procedure is just the same, you just need to skip on the curler and use the hair straightner how is it supposed to be!

I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial this time. Please don’t forget to follow me here on wordpress and also on instagram. Do comment with your suggestions and feedback! 😀


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