Hey everyone!

What is it? Its Mondayyyyyyyyy! Haha Here I am with another new fun styling post for you lovely people out there. You know how much I love to style and make anything work in a more versatile way. Well this time I didn’t have to try.

Capes are the new ‘in’. In some form or the other, we have seen a lot of capes around this season. The best part about capes is that no matter what you wear them with, they never disappoint. Lace is other thing that is suddenly out there, everywhere! Now whats better than a cape made of lace. ๐Ÿ˜›

Look 1.

I think capes work the best over dresses. And which are the best dresses for summer? Maxi dresses.

I decided to team up my casual tie and dye maxi dress with the cape. I used a belt to put the cape in place!

IMG_9190 (2)

Shoes- INR 150 (streets) Belt- INR 30 (flea market)

The accessories were kept minimal. The cape adds the required charm to it already. ๐Ÿ˜€

IMG_9187 (3)

IMG_9205 (3)

IMG_9203 (3)

Look 2.

For the second look I took this adorable, multi colored skater dress and wore the cape over it. I think it looked just perfect. What do you think??

IMG_9225 (2)

IMG_9252 (3)

IMG_9239 (2)

IMG_9231 (2)

Look 3.

In the third look I have tried to show that no matter how dull and simple your outfit be, a cape always lifts the whole look ten timesย over!

IMG_9259 (2)

(That creepy face though!)

Here I am wearing a camisole and a very basic pair of jeans!

IMG_9264 (3)

IMG_9272 (2)

IMG_9261 (3)

Look 4.

This is one of my favorites! A crop top that I made out of a t-shirt long ago and a great pair of denim shorts!

IMG_9286 (3)

IMG_9298 (2)

IMG_9292 (2)

IMG_9309 (3)

Capes are super easy to get made if you want them to. Choose a fabric of your choice, get to a tailor and ask him to do the job. It takes no time. OR else if you want to avoid all this work you can also get capes from a lot of online sellers like I got this one from an instagram seller @oldlacecloset . The prices are not very heavy on the pocket too.

So now you know why a cape is so much a of a new wardrobe must have. So the next time you go out, don’t forget to Cape it ladies! ๐Ÿ˜›

Please don’t forget to give me your feedback on the same and follow me on wordpress and instagram too. Thank you. โค


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