Hello you beautiful people!

I feel sad for Monday today. I mean poor Monday, cannot possibly stop coming after Sunday and how sad is it that people accuse it for giving them the blues! Haha Lets give Monday the love it deserves. I think that’s why most of us bloggers chose to post on Monday so we can shoo those blues away and you and your Monday can live happily together! Enough of the lame theory! Lets talk about the post!

We all know what a rage statement accessories are these days! each of us want them. Even after being an avid street shopper, I think there are a certain things that should only be bought from brands! Watches, Shoes, Perfumes, Good accessories are a few of them. These are great investments, trust me!

But, but, but, since my blog is about affordable fashion I mostly bring you pocket friendly brands. They are amazing, they are famous and they are affordable!

Today I am going to talk about statement necklaces! Any boring outfit suddenly comes to life if we team it up with a statement jewelry! Necklaces as such are my favourite accessories and I tend to wear them the most.

So I received three very beautiful necklaces from Style Fiesta ( I know you know about them already!). Here I am going to show you how I styled them and what I loved about each.

Neckpiece 1.


A chained gold necklace ( be it many chains or just one) is a must have accessory for every lady out there! Gold and chains go with everything. EVERYTHING. πŸ˜€ I love how it looks like a layered neckpiece and the variety of chain sizes! ❀




Croptop: DIYed. Jeans: F21, INR 989 Shoes: local market, INR 300

I decided to team it up with this crop top I made out of an old T-shirt and jeans from Forever21. Β Also, I crimped my hair by braiding damp hair into very small sections at night and waking up to this in the morning. The hair did get frizzy and dry but I loved the effect! πŸ˜€



Neckpiece 2.


The second neckpiece is my favourite! Why? because it has PEARLS and pearls never go out of fashion. Also they never overdo your look, they add the right amount of class to your outfit. This one by Style Fiesta is amazing also in the sense that it has two rows of pearls because the more the better, right?


Rough hair, don’t care! πŸ˜›

I wore this beautiful piece with this beautiful lilac off shoulder dress that I bought from Sarojini market long ago.


Dress: Sarojini Nagar, INR 350.

Look how the neckpiece makes the otherwise simple dress stand out!




Take a minute to admire this beautiful extra pearl on the back! ❀

Neckpiece 3.


Crystal Magic Choker: INR 900

This third neckpiece is bang on trend. I am sure you must have seen such jewelry making rounds over the internet, amongst your favourite bloggers and your heart throbbing everytime you see such lovely pieces! I adore how this one is white in color and has some very intricate details with a great cut and design. ❀ ❀



Crop top: Myntra, INR 239 Skirt: Flea Market, INR 150

I wore this body hugging crop top from Myntra in teal and a nautical skirt that I got from a fleat market at a Β throw away price! I think the neckpiece did more than just justice to the whole outfit. πŸ˜€




About Style Fiesta: Curated by the young and talented Masoom Minawala.

Providing you all sorts of accessories at the best prices! πŸ˜€

You can also check them out on other social media platforms by the same name!

Also the photography credit go tot he amazing Anshul Agrawal. You can check his work here

So this was today’s post everyone! I hope you liked it. Please dont forget to give me your feedback in the comments below and also follow me on wordpress and instagram! πŸ˜€


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