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How are you all doing? πŸ˜€

With the ongoing boho/bohemian trend worldwide a lot of trends from earlier days have returned. One such is the ultimate choker necklaces. I still remember, I had quite a few as a child but thanks to my mom I generally wore them as bracelets haha. But to my delight, lately I’ve been seeing them everywhere! All sorts of choker necklaces. Aaaand yet again, like every other thing in trend, they are pretty expensive too. I mean INR 200 for a nylon string! Are you kidding me??

Anyways, I am here to the rescue ladies. Choker necklaces are very easy to make. Super easy.

There are ones with pendants which only need a string and a cute pendant to be made. Infact you can also buy a longer pendant chain but tie it later at the back of your neck to make to look shorter. πŸ™‚

Now there are also, tattoo choker necklaces! Everybody’s favourites.! They are called so because they actually give you the illusion of a tattoo on your neck. πŸ˜€

Do you want to make those? I know you do. Lets start!


Scooby strings/ Nylon strings/ Strechable strings


A pair of scissors!

Step 01.

For the first step, take two scooby strings ( in case you’re using a string roll, take about 1.5m to be safe!) and tie them together like I have done. The best part about these stretchy cords is that when you tie them tightly it is almost impossible to open them! πŸ™‚



Step 02.

Now for placing the strings, you can either tape them to a hard cover of a book, use someone’s finger to hold the end in place or like me you can make use of your toe finger. Use the method that makes YOU feel comfortable. πŸ™‚


Step 03.

Now that you’re ready to start, place both the strings parallel to each other.

IMPORTANT NOTE: try and maintain the cords straight and parallel. they should not tilt sideways as this will ruin the pattern. Trust me, this happens a lot initially!

Go ahead and place one of the cords on top of the other like I have done in the picture.


Now, take the end of the same cord and pull it up from between the two.



You will see that something of a knot appears, more of a loop actually.


Now slowly push this loop forward without pulling the string too tight. We need the loop to be visible, if you pull it too tight it will turn into a knot and won’t be visible at all. πŸ˜€



And, here is your first loop. πŸ™‚


Step 04.

Repeat the process with the other string putting it on top of the other and pulling it’s end from between the two.



If you do it right, you will get one loop on the left and one on the right and this will go on!

Keep going with the same procedure and slowly you will get a pattern like this one.


Do not forget to keep the loops a little loose and the strings parallel.

All these steps might look tricky but trust me they are not. After one or two trials you will see yourself reach perfection. πŸ˜€


After you have reached the desired length tie a knotΒ at the other end. And then tie a knot with both ends together. (cut of the extra string parts!)



Since these cords are stretchy you don’t need a hook at the back. just tie it and to wear it you only need to stretch it over your head and bring it down. simple!


You can also use two different colors, make as many as you want, and gift them to your girlfriends!



You can also make bracelets, anklets and head bands using the same technique. only the length matters. That’s all!




Let me know what you think of this DIY. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @dolly_singh .

Also, if any one of you tries these do share the pictures with me! πŸ˜€ ❀



  1. saniya says:

    I did it with the leg technique as well lol they’re super amazing! my mum throws a fit everytime I wear mine she says “I feel claustrophobic for you” doesn’t even make sense.mums I tell you!

    Liked by 1 person

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