Hey Everyone!

Without any delay I’m going to talk about today’s post. It is going to be a review post! We all know there are a lot of Instagram and Facebook sellers and most of their stuff is the same. Only the prices vary. And sometimes we also go through a bad experience and the sellers might be a scam. Today, I am going to help you in the same direction!

I came across Krafftwork about two months ago on Instagram. Krafftwork caught my eye because it provides their collection at the best price among the other sellers.

This is when I decided to give it a try!

I ordered a few things like a t-shirt, a flash tattoo sheet and a cute notebook. However they also sent me another t-shirt, a flower headband, a dream catcher, a pendant and a bodychain as a gift! (Perks of being a blogger you see!

But don’t worry people, I will not be biased in this review at all. 🙂

Before I start let’s take a look at some pictures!








First I am going to talk about the good points about Krafftwork.

  1. A huge collection to choose from.
  2. As already mentioned, best prices available for most of the products.
  3. The accessories that I received were great and did not look cheap at all. They were better than their  pictures.
  4. The cute little dream catcher stole my heart.
  5. The t-shirts with quotes are a nice idea for a gift and even for oneself 🙂 They have a lot of them too.
  6. They also have a huge collection of cute notebooks which I absolutely adore.
  7. Their flash tattoos are I think the cheapest available and they work great.
  8. Great customer care service.

Let’s now talk about a few things that I did not like!

  1. No COD available yet.
  2. These guys are very busy with orders all the time so yours might take a little more time than expected.
  3. The t-shirts are a little too thick in fabric.

So this is it girls. I would give Krafftworka 7.5 out of 10 which is great. For the t-shirts if you soak them in salt water over night they’ll become very soft, so that’s not a huge problem. So, I think you should definitely check them out once!

Instagram Handle- @krafftwork_

Facebook page-

Also if you liked this review and want me to do more of such reviews, (so you can buy from better sellers) do let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too! 😀

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