Hello Ladies,

Lately we have all been coming across a lot of monthly box services. These may provide you monthly subscription of accessories, cosmetics, skin care and what not!

My Envy Box is one such luxury beauty box. It stands out amongst others because its products are generally international! This June Envy Box is my very first one ever and I love it, but let me tell you why!

PAKAGING: Nothing appeals more about a product or service than a packaging. This month’s Envy Box is Tangerine in color. Now who does not love that color? It looks adorable and I took quite sometime to actually get over it and open the box. Haha



Let’s talk about the products now!


  1. KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIMATE HAIR OIL: So, honestly speaking I’ve heard a lot, A LOT about Kerastase products but never got my hands on one, thanks to the price and I wasn’t even sure if it was going to suit me! So investing a lot of money when you’re not sure is definitely not my cup of tea.

I am glad  Envy Box made it possible for me to try the hair oil. The box contains two 3ml ampoules.


I’m a very lazy person and I rarely oil my hair. It is a task. However I do agree that oiling is very necessary to keep your hair healthy. Also, it is very important for the oil to have all the nourishing ingredients to provide that hair with everything that it requires! I have finished the first ampoule of the oil from the box and it works great. After the wash, my hair definitely felt softer. However I still want more from the oil!

I would definitely recommend this to people with frizzy and damaged hair!

  1. ESTEE LAUDER PLEASURES: What is better than a perfume sample from a brand like Estee Lauder. Definitely fell in love with this one! :D<3



  1. NATIO MEDITATE HAND CREAM: Now Natio is another brand whose prices have always held me against trying the products. Fortunately Envy Box sent me this 20ml tube of hand cream from the Australian brand, which will work for a nice long time!


I am not a very avid hand cream or foot cream user, maybe because my skin is not that dry or so I believe! 😛 I, however, loved the smell and the texture of the product! 🙂

  1. CATRICE SMOKEY EYES IT’S A PLEASURE TREASURE: Definitely this little pencil is a treasure! My absolute favourite product from the box. I mean, what do you want in an ideal eye pencil? A good texture? Greatly pigmented? A good size? Well, it has it all. Plus it has the one thing we all need. A nice brush at the other end for your everyday smokeyeye mood!


So now, your smokey eye love is out for all, made supereasy by this super eye pencil by Catrice! 😀

3.HEDONISTA FACE SOUFFLE: This one is a treat for all chocolate lovers! Its smells like chocolate and feels like it too. Try not eating it! Haha Apart from the great smell and texture, this face soufflé is a great soothing product. Works amazing for people with sensitive skin.



It has some wonderful organic ingredients like Cocoa Powder, Calamine, Turmeric extract, Indian Gooseberry extract, Essential oils and what not!

MY FINAL TAKE: As already mentioned, I love the box.  From packaging to the products everything works great. It is wonderful  how they have full size products in the box. My personal favorites are definitely the Catrice eye pencil and the Hedonista Face soufflé!

So, one month’s subscription of MY Envy Box costs INR850 which is great keeping in mind that it contains products which are way more expensive, like the face soufflé itself is worth INR1650.

Plus if you subscribe for a longer period, the prices are deducted a little more! And cherry on the top is that if you like a product, you can buy the same from them at a great price with good discounts!

To check, go through and to subscribe to My Envy Box, please visit the link below! 🙂

Please give this post a thumbs up in case you liked it! Comment and let me know about your feedback too. 😀


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