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Just how Sophie in Confessions of a shopaholic says; “I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” Well, not everyone is that lucky right? But that does not also mean that we need to be sad about it. STYLE is the word. Creative styling can turn every old clothing into a new one without even having to spend any money and you all know that this is what I do here on my blog. I try to show you how a single piece can be styled in different ways so you dont have to wear the same shirt with the same pants again. 🙂

Anyways, enough of big talk let’s talk business. I came across a brand called PRIVÉE PARIS over (obviously!) Instagram. What I really liked about this brand was their simplicity. Unlike others they weren’t trying too hard to stand out. And just how simplicity never disappoints you, this brand didn’t disappoint me either.

I received two very elegant blouses  which I styled in two separate ways each. Let us see how!

TOP 1.

The first top that I received has this beautiful pattern of pomegranates on it. I mean florals? Nope, lets go with fruits. 😀 I lovethe blue colour and the half sleeves which fit me so perfectly.

I decided to choose two extremes for this one. One being a very classy, sophisticated and elegant look and the other being a rather sporty, girly look.

I simply adore the fact that it looks great both ways. The top simply does not disappoint you. Lets go through the pictures and you will see! 🙂

Top: Privee Paris Tulle Skirt: Local Market, INR 250

Jeans: Tibetan Market, INR 600 Shoes: Stelatoes, INR 300

TOP 2.

The second blouse that I received was white in colour, it had mesh on the shoulders and these unbelievable nicely patterned colourful pockets which add life to it. The whole thing is like a treat to the eyes.

For this one I decided to go with a maxi skirt and a pair of  aztec shorts.

Once again the top did not turn me down at all and worked perfectly with both the looks. Enjoy the pictures!

Top: Privee Paris Skirt: Cut off from a maxi dress, INR 250 Shoes: StreetStyleStore, INR 499

Aztec Shorts: Sarojini Nagar, INR 150 Shoes : Puma, INR 5500

With this post I only wanted to show how even simpler looking clothes turn out to be something that you never expected. If I had paired them with a pair of skinnies and bellarinas they would have looked the most boring tops ever. Trust me, I tried it. For any clothing, styling is what works. The only message that I wanted to give through this post is that we need to step out of our comfort zones a little and try new ideas. 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed the post.

Do not forget to pay a visit to this beautiful brand’s website and check their collection out. I am sure you will like it.

Privee Paris 😀

The credits for such kickass photography go to Mr. Dhruv H. Panchal . You can check his work out by clicking on the link below. Don’t forget to like the page 🙂

DHP Labs

His instagram handle is @21dhruv

Give this post a thumbs up if you like it and please do share your feedback too. 🙂


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