Hey you guys!

Weekend is here! 😀 Sadly I’ve a lot of college projects to work on. *sigh* haha But anyways after a long while I have finally got you a great DIY. Wohooooo! Also thanks to your wishes, I am finally off the bed and back to work. Trust me I did this DIY today itself. 😛

Without much ado, let’s start. In the initial days when I had just started, I posted a tip on how laces of different colors and style can revamp any old pair of shoes and you can change them whenever you like. Well today again I am going to show how you can revamp your old shoes by coloring them. Sounds nice?



FABRIC OR ACRYLIC COLOR (of your choice!)

MEDIUM (For the colors to mix in)


STEP 01: Take any pair of old shoes that you have not worn in a while but don’t want to throw away. Well I bout mine from a sale long ago. Of course, it was a sale. I have to buy SOMETHING right? Right? Yes. Honestly, I didn’t like them much and it hurt me seeing them unused so I decided to turn them into something I’d like to wear. I already have a pair of silver shoes but none in gold. So here it was, my idea!


STEP 02.: Buy any good fabric or acrylic colors of your choice. But most IMPORTANTLY buy a medium for it. Basically we do not want to mix the colors in water. WATER SHOULD NOT BE YOUR BASE. There are chances it might wash off later. Ask for a bottle of “medium” and you’re set. I bought a golden acrylic metallic powder instead of liquid. In metallic colors, powders work the best.

Also buy yourself a nice brush of medium size.

STEP 03: Mix the color according to the quantity of the color you take. If you’re using liquid colors you don’t really require much. In fact try avoiding the medium. But of course if you’re going for a powder work carefully on your ratio.

Don’t worry its not as complicated as it sounds. 😀

STEP 04: Take your brush and roll away. Haha.  You can also give it a texture if you like. I used brush strokes instead of using the brush smoothly because I wanted to give it a rough texture.


If you’re good at painting, you can also paint designs or patterns. It is going to be your creation, you can do all you want.

In case you mess up somewhere, do not panic. Use a NAIL PAINT REMOVER to wipe any mistakes off. 😀




Tadaaaaaa! Here we go. I hope you like today’s short and simple DIY. Believe me, the pictures do not do justice to the shoes. They look ultra glamorous. I’ll style them for a shoot soon and share the pictures! 😀   Don’t forget to give me your suggestions and feedback too.



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