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Life is a book full of dilemmas. We face one every other day. I’ll tell you about one such dilemma we often come across. So we, the ladies, are very comfortable with buying clothes and shoes for ourselves however when it comes to do the same for our brothers, boyfriends or any other gentlemen friends, we sure do not know how to go about it.

And also most of our men still find it hard to indulge in some ‘good’ shopping or know of good brands which serve them nicely.

Well, well, well, don’t you worry too much now! I am here to help. I recently came across this brand called Mr.Button. As dapper as their name sounds, their clothes surpass that level too. There is a whole list to why I adore their collection but let me start with the  most important one. I love how their clothes are so updated with trends. You will not find a single outdated piece in there.

Let me go straight to the looks now! Again there are two. Am I being predictable now? Haha

We got this uber sexy pinstriped suit from them (which made me skip a heart beat or two!). Gone are the days with boring long dull suits, a blazer and a pair of shorts go a long way now! Do you not believe me? Come along and take look at the pictures below. 😀




IMG_7067 IMG_7074




Was I right or was I right? Haha. This was the perfect dream date look ever. Its super sexy yet super comfortable. Not to forget that for girls, a LBD never disappoints.

Now, instead of going with the much expected formal shoes, we went ahead with a pair of converse which is much more easy and fun. He is also wearing a leather choker necklace that I made him. 😀

Now again, the styling freak that I am I could not keep myself off the beauty of this ultra glam blazer and I decided to wear it myself. I know, I know, for us girls, there is nothing more comfortable than I boyfriend’s lose t-shirt or a huge shirt. We love it, don’t we? And so I thought, what harm would it be to try! Androgynous trends are so in anyway. 😀






Here is my deal with the blazer. (I think I like this second date better! Haha.)

And here it is people! I sincerely hope that you like the post.

You might have done it already leaving my blog post incomplete, but in case you were sweet enough to read it till here, please go and check out Mr.Button right away. Not just amazing styles, their prices are really competitive too. There are two more looks with Mr.Button coming this Friday but before that, do click on the link below!


I would also request you to please check out who clicked these beautiful pictures. Anmol Singh.You can like his facebook page below and also follow him on Instagram @mixtape_photography for more!

Mixtape Photography

In the end, I would also like to thank my best friend Anurag Dubey for agreeing to shoot with me and being this hot a model! 😀

Do share your feedback and comments please so I can improve further. 😀 Until next time,


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