Hey there amigos,

Weekend is here! Wohoo! Do I ‘wohoo’ too much? haha. Well, I am excited because this post today is dedicated to fun and quirky fashion.

I believe, that we girls have a great amount of choices when it comes to fashion, Trust me this is where the poor boys sigh and say (in their heads!) “Why should girls have all the fun?”. 😛

For girls, my on-the-go list these days consists of a lot of t-shirt dresses, some I bought and some I stole from my boy friends! haha. They are comfortable and very sexy at the same time. For both the looks I’ve rocked two very different sort of long t-shirts (with shorts underneath)! The first one is a DIYed muscle tee from the model’s (also my best-friend) wardrobe. I styled the second one by pulling it down a little to make it look a little different! 😀

When it comes to boys, some good t-shirts, jogger pants or even shorts are fun to work with. Continued from the last post, I’m now going to show you the casual, easy yet very stylish collection from Mr. Button. Here I show you how boys can effortlessly look really stylish and quirky. I love the t-shirts from Mr.Button, the material is soft and very comfortable which makes them the best choice for summers and humid weather.

Then they have their own version of the much in vogue jogger-pants and of course not to mention, the very sporty and laid back sleeveless bomber.

Take a look at the pictures!












IMG_7378 IMG_7413 IMG_7441

I am sure you’re drooling over Mr.button’s collection, aren’t you? Check them out at the link below!


Also don’t forget to give a thumbs to the amazing photographer behind all this work at MIXTAPE PHOTOGRAPHY!

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2 thoughts on “TWERK? WE QUIRK!!

  1. Hemant says:

    Hey there
    I’m Hemant, we are a fashion photo-shoot company and our main operations involve making portfolios of beginner models and fashion enthusiasts. We have monthly shoots and we call celebrities from MTV on every shoot. We’d like to have you as our celebrity guest for our shoot in September.
    Let us know if there’s some to contact you so that I can explain everything in detail.



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