Hey you pretty pretty people!

When I ask you what is ‘in’, what comes to your mind? Bohemian? Sheer? Layering?

Well I’ve pretty much tried them all, however the ‘sheer’ trend was still left to be given a shot. So I was desperately waiting to shoot this post and try the one and only sheer I have in my wardrobe which is this beautiful white skirt from none other than Lakhina Couture.

The brand is founded by the very talented mother-daughter Lakhina duo. 🙂 They believe in customization according to the customers needs and requirements and so everything they make is so unique and fresh. With a large number of designs they provide to you the best of the best. They have some kickass designs which you must check out but before lets see a piece of their wonderful collection, styled by me.

I decided to make this one a florals on the go look which throws up summer all over. And I am also loving the latest sneakers-with-skirts trend, you all know what a shoe freak I am and that i would always choose a pair of shoes over heels! So once again I paired  I skirt with my Puma shoes, which ended up complementing and putting the whole look together.

Also lately I have been going through a ‘wrong accessory, right place’ phase. I am using a lot of my long necklaces as belts, earrings as a pendant and what not. So once again I styled my neck piece as a waist accessory which I feels looks chic!

Rest I would love you guys to give a feedback. Take a look at the pictures! 😀










This is it my loves! I really really hope you like the post as much as I did. Please don’t forget to pour in your comments about it! 😀

Also check out Lakhina Couture by clicking on the name and follow them on Instagram @lakhinacouture.

These out of the world pictures are taken by my little brother Mixtape Photography. Please show him some love. 😀

Until Friday,


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