Hey there you guys!

Happy Friday. 😀

Today’s post is a little special to me. Well the brand I am featuring today is very close to my heart as I was the first blogger they collaborated with and once I reveal the name you’ll know what heights they’ve reached now! 😀 They are none other than EMPRESS PITARA (formerly known as  Urban Pitara).

Okay so coming to the post now, shirt dresses have been more than a rage this season. I drool over them mainly because of how versatile they are. You can wear them as they are, you can wear them with a pair of jeans, shorts and what not!

I had already done a shirt dress post way back but today I decided to style it with a skirt. There are basically two looks that I created with the same shirt dress and skirt, wearing the skirt first as a dress in itself and later  pulling it down to a basic skirt. 😀

Coming to the shirt dress by Empress Pitara, firstly it is made up of Ikat. Ikat south cotton basically, and you can see this material trending a lot these days. In fact even at the Lakme Fashion Week going on I see a lot of Ikat dresses coming up. Second, the cut out sleeves. Another trend in vogue. Cutouts are everyone’s favourite right now and have been very well used here for the shirt dress. Third, its perfect. Haha. Trust me it is, I have worn it in several ways already and it never disappoints.

Take a look at the pictures and you will see. 😀







IMG_7978 (2) IMG_7988 IMG_8006 IMG_8008






IMG_8031 IMG_8035 IMG_8044

So here we go ladies. I hope you enjoyed the post.

Check out Empress Pitara HERE and follow them on instagram @empresspitara ❤

Photography credits again to my baby brother. Check him out here at Mixtape Photography

Also, please don’t forget  to give me your feedback too. It makes my day. 🙂 And until next time,


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