A big cold hello to each one of you!

Why cold you ask? Well it is so hot here in Delhi that giving some cool vibes might provide some relief. Okay, I’ll stop.

So before anything else, I would like to express my gratitude to each one of you who takes time and reads the blog, follows me on Instagram. You all, your comments, likes, messages everything makes my day. It makes me work harder, so thank you for that. I love you all the most. ❤

Coming to today’s blog post, you all know what a big Vajor fan I am. They recently came out with their collection of Ikat, called the Ikat Story. In my last post I also told you guys how Ikat is currently the ‘in’ thing right now.Its amazing how you  can see it everywhere all of a sudden. 😀

I received a beautiful pair of Palazzos from the same collection. Trust me, they are my new best friend. (wait until you see them!) Now first, they are white. Second, they are uneven from the bottom which makes them stand out. Third, the Ikat detailing on the waist-line is to die for. Fourth, the sweet little pocket, makes me hug those pants out of how cute it looks. Haha okay, I can go on about this but you need to see why I am acting all crazy for the palazzo pants.

As always I decided to do two different looks with the same. For the first, I wore a black crop top. The top is actually made out of something.Can you guess what it is? Well I made it through a pair of leggings. Want a DIY?  post a comment below 😀 For shoes I wore these incredibly beautiful Ikat shoes by Vajor itself. I think they look perfect since they match so well with the whole black and white attire. ❤



IMG_3533 (2)

IMG_3485 (2)






The second look is a little towards the sporty side of me. Trust me, while I had it all on, I felt like a ninja. A ninja in heaven (all white, duh!) haha You’ll even see me pulling my leg up in the air trying to fit in the ninja mode. 😛 The ‘all whites’ and ‘all blacks’ looks are my all time favourites and so of course this one came in too. Its subtle and laidback yet fun and drama in its own way!

Enjoy the pictures!










*Phew* That’s it for today you guys. I am hoping you guys like the post and would tell me what you felt about it.

Don’t forget to visit this Ikat story on Vajor along with the others that are there. Clink on the link below


The lovely pictures you see are taken by my friend Karanvir. Show him some love at KARAVIR SINGH BAJWA or follow him on Instagram @einsjordan.

Until next time from all of us in the picture below,



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