Hey you lovely people,

How have you all been? I am sad. I broke my phone yesterday and ruined my favourite shoes, but you know what made me look up to the day? This. I have been really really waiting for this one for a long time now.

We are all aware of how contemporary prints and designs are in these days. They are weird but oh-so-nice and I’m loving all the madness. Designers have been coming up with a variety of quirky prints and thank God, I happen to know one of them.

I am going to talk about Poochki today. Yes, that’s the name of the collection curated by a close friend of mine, Ishanee and handled along with another amazing chap, a former hotelier Anirudh. Just like how  name comes from her manx cat, the designs too, are really fascinating. Ishanee focuses on her love for  flora and related elements for her designs so you’ll find a lot of lizards, wasps, fish and what now. She’s also working on her next, with bird prints.The colours used are generally earthy tones and she loves using a lot of cowri shells and wooden button detailings.

I personally love the concept, first because I have always been a nature lover. I remember catching scorpions and scaring the shit out of girls in my school. Haha. Also, the patterns are all block printed which makes it even more unique. Not only this, she has some amazingly done silhouette designs which you really need to check out. Instead of making you read too much, let me show you one of my favourite pieces from the collection styled by me and shot by the designer herself. 😀

I have given it a total ‘banjaran’ look which signifies freedom, of thoughts and soul. The dress sure makes you feel like that. A lot of chunky jewelry is the key to all trends these days and so we added all the silver here. I also love the pairing of boots with the dress, its feminine but also strong. 😀

DSC_0392 (2)















Well, well, well, what do you have to say? I am just glad I don’t have to

catch those lizards anymore, I can wear them.

Don’t forget to check more of such brilliant designs from Poochki on Facebook. You can also follow them on Instagarm @wearpoochki 🙂

And, and, please do share your comments below.

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And of course, until next time,



  1. saniya says:

    this post made me cringe i hate reptiles but absolutely love the look /,3 the colours go so well together. and hope you feel better! i lost my phone a month ago i know how it feels 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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