Hello there everyone,

How are we doing today? What? Not good? Weekdays sucking the life out of you?

Okay, yeah! That was all me, but I am pretty sure your story is no different. There is nothing much we get to do on weekdays besides work right? Wel, not really. Not sure about you, but it is the weekdays when I spend a lot of time surfing over the internet which means the online stores and websites basically. 😛 I’m sure people generally shop online during weekdays haha.

Well talking about online shopping, I recently came across this brand called 99Hunts which sell over Flipkart and Snapdeal essentially. I really adored their collection of which my favourites were their crop tops. I got two of those. But I’ll only talk about one here today, which is a cropped shirt.

I wore this shirt over my red peplum dress very recently to Forever New’s VIP Tea Party and everybody loved it. However I decided to give it another twist and do a mod-ethnic look with the same. I just love the color play on the shirt. It’s beautiful. This shirt can add life to any boring piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

I decided to pair it with a slit maxi skirt and on top of that I wrapped this pretty pink dupatta like the end of saree! To add more fun, I decided to wear my tasselled necklace as a belt again and for shoes I chose my evergreen black and golds! 😀 For the rest, check the pictures out.










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You can check 99Hunts for more of their amazing collection for both men and women below:




Photography credits to my all time love MIXTAPE PHOTOGRAPHY

Until Friday,


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