Hello everyone!

Happy Fri-yay! Are you confused about what to wear out this weekend?? Let me help you out.

How many of us know that retro is back? All of us right! Well, my favourite amongst all retro trends has always been Polka Dots. There was a time when all I had was polkas. I am more than happy that it is back.

However today I’ll show you that polkas are not just worn with those 70’s hairstyles and other heavy stuff. I wore this beautiful polka dotted dress from OKEEFE14 store on Instagram in a little wild manner. With my hair all crimped and a loud lipstick I wanted to show how fun polkas can be, retro can be. I love the different sets of polkas on the dress . It is a midi length with is perfect and gives you the right amount of sophistication on the go. The back of the dress is my absolute love. I gets out your inner sexiness without being too out-there! 😀

I also wore my yellow shoes with socks to show you guys how it is actually acceptable and very fashionable. The trend has been going on for a long while outside India, here though I feel that people are taking too much time to accept it. Believe me, I think mixing a pair of socks with your heels is actually quirky and works perfect for winters. Don’t ruin that dress with boots, wear heels like this instead. 😛 Rest you can judge from the pictures! 😀

IMG_9519 (2)

IMG_9526 (2)

IMG_9532 (2)

IMG_9536 (2)

IMG_9517 (2)

IMG_9538 (2)

IMG_9535 (2)

IMG_9518 (2)

IMG_9528 (2)

I hope you guys enjoyed the post, however I also know that it wouldn’t be everybody’s favourite for being a little too radical. Let me know your views though! It matters a lot.

The store that this dress is from is a treasure of clothes and accessories at affordable prices. You can check them out at OKEEFE_14

The pretty pretty pictures were taken by a close friend Karan. Check his work out here KARAN PRAKASH

Until next week now,


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