Hola people,

I hope you’re all doing good. It’s Friday again and that means its time for another blog post! Wohoooo. Excited about my own post? Yeah I kind of am. This is because today I am showcasing not one but two of the most amazing brands I have come across.

The first one needs no introduction. It is none other than India Circus. You know about it, right? I know you do. They deal in one of the best  phone covers, bags, stationary, home furnishings and what not. The best part is the kind of prints they come out with. they’re very Indian yet contemporary. 😀

The second one, is slowing reaching to a known level and I am so happy for them. They are my favourite, Poochki. Remember the olive green lizard dress? yeah, them! I am going to show you a really cool crop top and some nice flared pants from them and trust me you are going to fall in love.

So, this time I am playing it really simple. Why you ask! Well, both these brands have such nice designs and detailing that you don’t really need to bother styling. Less is more here. Lets take a look at the pictures but before that my sincere apologies for the wrinkles on the outfit. This is because I had four shoots in one day and it just got hectic and messy. I promise to not repeat this ever again. 😀

IMG_9607 (2)

IMG_9606 (2)

IMG_9614 (2)

IMG_9626 (2)

IMG_9603 (2)

IMG_9617 (2)

IMG_9613 (2)

IMG_9623 (2)

IMG_9601 (2)

IMG_9600 (2)

You can very well see the finest block printing ever done on these clothes.The beautiful designs both in print and silhouette make me go weak in the knees.

Check Poochki out at

Buy at: Jaypore.com

Facebook: Poochki

Instagram: @wearpoochki

About India Circus, my words are not really needed. I am in love with the jhola bag that they sent me and it is my new staple to college. Go find yours at Indiacircus.com . 😀


Top- Poochki

Pants- Poochki

Heels- Stelatoes

Bag- India Circus

Notebook- India Circus

This was it you guys. I hope you all enjoyed the post. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog here please. 😀

Until next time,


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