Ina long time today I was awake for the whole night watching a tv series and slept in the morning, thanks to the long weekend. Ahhhh, a sigh of relief. And of course its Friday. What does that mean?? a new blog post, duh! πŸ˜›

You people know what a sporty person I am. Or do you? well anyway, I was a track runner back in school and I love sports. Its sad how I don’t play anymore.

The only way I make myself feel better in such a situation is by looking sporty! Remember my ‘sneakers-with-everything’? yeah, that. Somehow, psychologically every attire gives me different vibes. Ethnic dresses make me feel feminine, midi dresses make me feel retro and classy, similarly sneakers and other sports wear make me ‘feel’ sporty and fit too! I am sure that goes for everyone. Different clothes, different feelings. πŸ™‚

I recently received this beautiful nautical croptop from 99Hunts and I knew right there, how I wanted to style it. With a pencil jersey skirt from Koovs and my Adidas originals classics I think the look was complete in itself.

It is the perfect look for a just a casual day out with your friends or even alone haha! Also, the sunflower bag and choker you see are made by me from a pair of old pants. Take a look at the pictures,

IMG_8080 (2) - Copy

IMG_8052 - Copy


IMG_8062 (2) - Copy



IMG_8054 (2) - Copy

IMG_8069 - Copy


This was it ladies. I hope you liked the post. I promise that there are even better posts coming soon. Do keep tuned and subscribe to the blog for instant updates on new posts.

Visit 99Hunts for some amazing crop tops, shirts and in fact some ultra funky co-ord sets.



Instagram: @99hunts

Photography credits to my very talented baby brother Anmol Singh. Show him some love at


Instagram: @mixtape_photography

Until next time,


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