Hello there you lovely folks,

I am hungry. NO seriously, after finishing the post I am going to hog on some junk. Thankfully this hunger can be easily dealt with, but there is one hunger which makes us go weak and just never gets satisfied. For me its my hunger for shoes! I mean I do like clothes, accessories and other stuff too but man oh man shoes are orgasmic. I am sure, for you too there is something in life which makes you devote at least 50% of your day thinking about it. It can be books, a new TV show, lipstick colours, just anything actually. Just like Joey had his sandwich, I have my shoes!

Okay, I’ll come to the point now, I came across this brand called Chalk Studio a while back over Instagram. It was shoes so I obviously  checked the website the same moment too. I should tell you, their shoes? ULTIMATE. I can even worship a few of them. haha I received these BEAUTIFUL (trust me block letters is necessary!), bold and powerful pair of flatforms in black with neon stars on it. No, they don’t glow in the dark! *sigh*. They are my monsters. They are enough to add life to any dead outfit and make it a killer one.


Told ya!

For the longest time, each one of us has been loving the denim on denim trend and I happened to realized that I hadn’t quite covered it on the blog so I decided to give that a try too this time.

The embellished shirt is a complete package in itself. You need no accessories. You’re just all set to go.



I ripped the pair of jeans that I am wearing on my own with the help of some Youtube tutorials and a pair of scissors and tweezers! Don’t they look great? 😀









This is it you guys. I hope you enjoyed the post all along and of course my deadly shoes.Don’t forget to take a look at more of their siblings at CHALK STUDIO . The best part is, apart from the bold and sexy designs, they are all really affordable. I promised you affordable fashion right! 😀


Embellished Shirt :Sarojini Nagar, INR 250

Jeans: Nainital, INR 600

Shoes (Starry Night): Chalk Studio , INR 1799

Two finger ring: Instagram @huee_trendss

Silver reflectors: Instagram @honeyhugx

The kickass photography was done by a dear friend Vaibhav Sachdeva. Please don’t forget to show him some love over Instagram @vaibhusachdeva . He is doing some incredible work! 😀

Also, some of my own ‘1 something 2/3/4/5/….. looks’ coming up next after a long time so please do stay tuned! Subscribe to my website to be the first to know of any new updates on the blog. 😀

Until then,


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