Hello everyone!

How you doinnnn? πŸ˜€

Do you love chick flicks? You do. Don’t you? Haha well I have personally loved watching english chick flicks dealing with those famous, rich and spoilt group of girls and one little, as they call it, ‘girl next door’. No matter how much we hated those mean girls, somehow we loved how they dressed up! I remember that’s from where my love for skater dresses began and its not ending any soon! πŸ˜€

Well, I recently bought this very cute skater dress and couldn’t resisting showing you guys how I style mine in three different ways! Lets get started;

LOOK 01. The old school way!

I kept this one really simple. This is how I grew up seeing skater dresses being worn in the movies and those Disney channel shows we loved. So this is basically what comes to my mind when I see a skater dress; a pair of nice sneakers and a choker necklace!

IMG_9665 - Copy

IMG_9624 (2) - Copy


IMG_9719 - Copy

IMG_9664 - Copy

I just love how simple and super easy this one is, yet you can manage to turns millions of heads around. πŸ˜€

IMG_9707 - Copy

LOOK 02. The chic chick!

I love this one, its my favorite. It brings out the feminine side of me which at other times is generally not visible enough. πŸ˜› I absolutely adore how the pair of those yellow kitten heels go with the dress.

IMG_9810 (2)

IMG_9853 (2)

IMG_9880 (2)

IMG_9803 (2)

IMG_9864 (2)

This look isn’t too much of a fuss itself, just a pretty little crop top over your dress, some funky shoes and you’re good to go and break some hearts!

IMG_9818 (2)

IMG_9907 (2)

LOOK 03. The layer slayer!

This one is updated with a twist of the latest ongoing trend- layering. A skater dress just never gets old, it adopts itself. I chose to wear my shirt dress over the skirt and I think the combination of those stripes and check is definitely a slayer.

IMG_9943 (2)

IMG_9983 (2)


IMG_0055 (2) - Copy

For shoes, I went on with my little black strappys giving this one a more laid back and casual look.

IMG_0110 (2) - Copy

IMG_9970 (2)

IMG_9945 (2)

Well, here we go girls! I hope you all liked the post. Please do share your opinions in the comment section! πŸ˜€


Skater dress: Sarojini Nagar, INR 300

Shoes (Look 01): Converse, INR 1599

Crop top (Look 02.): Myntra, INR 359

Heels (Look 02.): Stelatoes, INR 300

Shirt Dress (Look 03): Forever 21, INR 1299

Strappys (Look 03): GK2 market, Delhi, INR 350

Photography credits go to my favorite and very sweet, Karanvir Singh Bajwa. Find him on Instagram @einsjordan. You’ll fall in love with his work. πŸ˜€ ❀

And until next time,



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