Hello again,

The street style look that made to this month’s issue of the Cosmopolitan magazine is finally here! yayyy .You guys are aware of my obsession with shirt dresses right? You do! Well, I recently recieved this beautiful long shirt from Missa More and it is not my wardrobe staple.

With this one I am taking my love for shirt dresses a notch higher! The best part is, it is not really a shirt dress! It is sheer, so you obviously can not wear it on its own. But trust me, it acts as a nice cover, a nice cape!

Here I have styled with my forever favorite denim skirt and this cute little red bralette, that you have seen before too! 😀


Bralettes have been a rage this season but we are all aware that wearing them on their own seems a little too out there if it does not match the occasion! Well, what if you want to wear yours out in the sun, on a day out with your girls? This sheer shirt is here to rescue. If you ever feel that something looks too bold then such cover ups are a miracle!




I also love the huge windowpane checks the shirt has! ( Now you understand the ‘check’ in the title? :P)

As always, being the ‘sneaker girl’ that I am, I threw on my Adidas classics, a half top knot to go and tadaaaaa, I am done!




So, here we go ladies. Do tell me your views on the post please and of course don’t forget to visit Missa More for more of such incredible, valve for money designs!

A crazy shout out to my photographer here, Vaibhav Sachdeva. Show him some love on Instagram @vaibhusachdeva! 😀

Until next time,


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