Have you ever been to Delhi? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Old Delhi? The food? The crowd? The endless shopping options? The fascinating old and about-to-fall buildings? I think all of it does, all of it and a lot many things. Whether you have been here or you haven’t, you have an idea of what it is like. It has a charm that binds you, so tight you cannot let go and you don’t want to either!

I first came to Delhi with my school’s athletic team when I was in my senior secondary. Before that happened, the song ‘Masakali’ from Delhi 6 was what defined old Delhi for me. Now I obviously know more, much more.


When me and Charuta decided to collaborate, we wanted it to be something more than just an outfit post. We wanted a story and what could be more interesting than a place that sings with a new story every second.


But the kind of people we both are, we weren’t satisfied. So we decided that for the outfits we would do an amalgamation of English and Indian clothes. Somehow we wanted to feel both an outsider and part of the place at the same time.


With the western silhouettes we wanted to show the modernity that has struck us. The global homogeneity that we are now a part of. With the Indian touch, we also wanted to show how different  and rich in culture we are.



Here I am wearing this very beautiful vintage skirt which is flared at the bottom and hand painted with beautiful roses on it. I died a little seeing how perfectly it fit me, just like a glove. Your inner elegance itself comes out when you put the skirt on. Oh by the way, the skirt is designed and made by Charuta herself. I’ll link it all  for you guys below!




For a nice Indian contrast, I wore my mom’s favorite kurta shirt (you know why!) with Gayatri Mantra printed all over it. Until a few years ago I used to feel that these kurtas with such prints look really tacky. I don’t think that way anymore. In fact I now feel that this shirt is one of the coolest and quirkiest in my wardrobe.Mom couldn’t be happier. 😀



I wanted my accessories to scream Indian all over and so I decided to use my cute little mirror as a ‘passa’ (typically a maang-tika on the side). You have seen me wearing it as an earring for the Fashion week too. I love the little detailings that it has and of course the lovely colors. I also wore a ring made by Charuta again. Who could say it is made of clay? The amazing colors and Rajasthani feel that it has enhances the whole outfit. The bag is no less, with all the mirror work and embroidery, it only adds perfection.




To know about Charuta’s outfit and her idea behind it, wait for her part of the story this friday on her blog Modayalda or her Instagram handle charuta_modayalda 🙂

Here we come to an end! And I really hope you guys liked the post as much as we liked shooting for it. It was one of the best experiences I have had. A big credit goes to the photographer, Anmol who shot these lovely pictures. Follow him below for more!

FACEBOOK: Mixtape Photography

INSTAGRAM: @mixtape_photgraphy


Skirt: Modayalda, INR1500

Shirt: Big Bazaar, INR299

Mirror as passa: Sarojini Nagar, INR20

Ring: Modayalda

Shoes: Street Style Store, INR650

Don’t forget to follow me here on the blog so you are the first to know of any new updates on the blog. 😀

Until Friday,


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