Hey everyone,

We all have some wardrobe staples, don’t we? Some pieces that we like so much that we try and pair it with every other thing and are afraid to lose! Then there are things which are some wardrobe must-haves! These are pieces that you believe should exist in everybody’s messy cupboards and you are always glad that at least you own them.

Well today I am going to talk about about something that I believe is both! My denim jacket. It is not necessary that you will agree with me but for me a denim jacket, first is a perennial deal. You can wear it all year long (Of course, not in scorching heat, but generally!) Second, it can be paired up with almost anything, ANYTHING! And this is why it is a wardrobe must have for me!

In this post I am going to style my denim jacket in 4 ways out of the other million that are possible. Let’s do it,

LOOK 01.

The first look is an indo-western one, where in I have paired up my colourful Rajasthani vest with a solid slit skirt and made a casual impromptu indian outfit. It is perfect for days when things suddenly come up and you do not have a suitable Indian dress to wear. In fact, if done well, it doesn’t really have to be an impromptu thing. It is good enough to be worn after a lot of planning too. Haha 😀





Now, the days have started getting chilly and you cant just walk out of the door like that so why don’t you team it up with a nice denim jacket and save yourself!



Trust me, a denim jacket works as good with ethnic wear, as it does with western!


The second look is a perfect denim on denim one and who doesn’t love it? Here I have used my jacket as a top itself and worn it over a nice pair of jeans.





Any such look can be provided an edge with the right shoes and so threw on my monochrome heels to add that glamour quotient to it. The silver jewelry also enhances the same. 😀



LOOK 03.

Who said you can’t layer a shorter jacket over a longer one? Well, not a jacket but here I wore my denim jacket over a long sheer shirt cape from Missa More.




And believe you me, you can do the same with two jackets or cardigans. Layering can be fun.



Disclaimer: Don’t wear such shorts and crop tops anymore or you’ll freeze yourself! 😛

LOOK 04.

You have seen me wearing this look for AIFW a few weeks ago. Apparently my plans for the fashion week had got cancelled and I shot this look instead but later the plans changed again and I wore it to the fashion week too which was amazing. (You don’t care about such a long crappy explanation, do you?)

Well anyway so I wore my tulle dress with its lining tucked inside so that only the net shows and teamed it up with once again, the jacket, for the perfect, as they would call it, street style look!






So, we are done. And I really hope you guys liked the post. Also, I have some amazing Diwali looks lined up for you so please stay tuned.

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Photography credits go to my favorite and a lovely person, Vaibhav Sachdeva. Find him on Facebook at Picture Perfect Photography by Vaibhav Sachdeva and on Instagram @vaibhusahdeva!

And until next time,


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