When winters knock on our door, the first thing that gets packed away are our t-shirts. Because what’s the point of t-shirts when it cold outside right? No. When the chill has just started, like in the capital it has, only the mornings and evenings are cold and the days remain warm and I can’t possibly imagine myself wearing a sweater. Believe me! But yes, during days which are comparatively less colder, and you don’t require three layers on top, you can always rock a t-shirt. So, don’t pack those babies away so soon!

I recently came across an online store called The Souled Store, which is as funky as the name sounds. They have some quirky and ultra cool collection of t-shirts, for both men and women (YAYY!), some cute little notebooks, mugs, tote bags and what not! I would be honest, when I received the products, I had no idea that at that affordable price they would offer such amazing quality. The store is perfect for some budget shopping and has loads of gift ideas, so you don’t have to wander anymore! 😀

Today I am going to show you three ways to rock a t-shirt during this season and there is an amazing giveaway too! Wohoooo. Ready? set, Go!

Look 01.

Who loves midi skirts? I do. I do. Okay, before I get too excited and virtually get married to a midi skirt, let me get back to the point. I think midi skirts are evergreen, they are great for summers and even better for the winters.

DSC_9604 (2)


If paired with some great socks or stockings and shoes, these skirts go a long way! And that’s just what I did here, I threw on this fun-nerd t-shirt by the Souled Store over my favorite skirt and paired them up with the right shoes and socks (they protect us!)


DSC_9666 (2)

DSC_9612 (2)

And, no you can’t wear just a t-shirt like that and I myself had planned to wear a cardigan on top but the clumsy person that I am, I forgot it at home. 😛


Look 02.

The boot season is back! Are you excited? I am going nuts already.

So first of all, I love this t-shirt. Love as in loooovvvveeeeee! It defines cool, with that ‘K’ written over it like that! I mean I don’t even have to try and shut people up anymore, my t-shirt does that for me.

DSC_9675 (2)

DSC_9694 (2)

I decided to wear it with a pair of warm ox-blood leggings, a sweet, little and full of hearts cardigan and my favorite pair of long boots!:D What’s there to not like, eh?

DSC_9686 (2)

DSC_9710 (2)

Also, I love these shades from The Blackk Box (double k) on Instagram. They have a huge collection which makes you cry because it is so hard to choose!

DSC_9716 (2)

DSC_9688 (2)

Look 03.

Well, for the last look I decided to go a little sporty. I mean, it doesn’t matter if you don’t play sports! At least your outfit can say you do, right! Haha

DSC_9754 (2)

DSC_9740 (2)

DSC_9752 (2)

So I tied a knot on the front of the t-shirt, to make it look like a cropped one and wore my pair of easy-going jeans below it. Sneakers from Puma and a plaid shirt around the waist, that can be very well worn over when the winds play dirty, complete the look.

DSC_9738 (2)

DSC_9734 (2)

DSC_9739 (2)

DSC_9747 (2)

Also did you notice, the notebook, the tote bag and the mug? Aren’t they adorable. Specially the bag, the phrase ’emotional baggage’ on it, cracked me up! 😀


Well, well, well, I love surprises and I am sure so do you! So the Souled store and I decided to make this Diwali a little more special for you by giving you chance to win this funny ’emotional baggage’ tote bag! Don’t wait, join me on Instagram to know what to do next! 🙂


Both t-shirts : The Souled Store, INR 499

Notebook, Tote bag and Mug: The Souled Store, INR 149, 499 and 249 respectively.

Midi Skirt (look 01): DIYed out of an age old dress!

Shoes (look 01): Local Market, INR 1699

Leggings (look 02): Incense, INR 749

Boots (look 02): Some small store in the mall, INR 1499

Cardigan (look 02): Tibetan market, Nainital, INR 350

Sun glasses (look 03): @theblackkbox on Instagram

Jeans (look 03): Janpath market, INR 350

Shoes (look 03): Puma, INR 4100

Plaid Shirt (look 03): Tibetan market, Nainital, INR 350

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and are going to rock those t-shirts this season too. Don’t forget to check out The Souled Store here , they are completely worth it.

Until  next time,


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