Hello my loves,

With so many festivals in our country we are always in dearth of appropriate clothes! Well at least I am. I mean, every other day is a new occasion. And this time of the year is certainly the most hectic one in India. Starting from Navratri, the season of festivities does not end until the New Year comes! Of course we all love the fun and frolic but we are always faced with the question of what to wear, aren’t we?

Well, don’t you worry ma’ ladies, I am here for the rescue. Very recently I came across this really talented designer, Deepika Chadha. I instantly fell in love with her designs and trust me, when you’re wearing one, you feel no less than a Bollywood celebrity. And not just that, the best part about her is that she personally takes care that every order is made as per your need. You need it customised your way? Your color? Your choice of print? She will give it to you before you even say it. I was really surprised by the fact that most of her clients were based out of India, I mean so much of trust? That sure means something, right! She told me how she skypes with them for hours, to give them exactly what they want. Personally for me, customer relationship management comes before anything else (my college subjects have gotten into me!).

Anyway, I think its better that I show you what I am talking about. You are all aware of how I like things done differently and so I decided to ditch the regular heavy, embroidered designs worn generally on occasions like Diwali for a pastel set of lehenga choli!

I mean why not? Why can you not wear pastels and florals for Diwali! For some weird reason I have never seen someone doing so and was delighted to feature the change. It would just set you apart from the crowd and is the perfect conversation starter.

DSC_0474 (2)

(Don’t mind my hair! :P)

DSC_0484 (2)

I have nothing against the warmer hues generally worn at such events but change is always better I believe!

DSC_0476 (2)

DSC_0521 (2)

I completely adored the flared skirt and of course what I loved the most about the piece was the back. Can you believe how sexy it looks?

DSC_0491 (2)

DSC_0499 (2)

The dress was so complete in itself that I used almost no accessories, just a bindi and two bangles!:D

DSC_0472 (2)

You love it already, don’t you? Man I ask too many questions! But you guys have to check her designs out because the whole wedding season is ahead of you and I am sure you have started looking for options already!

Visit her website here: Deepika Chadha

A special shout out to my love Aliya from for having clicked these amazing pictures for me. She saved my life! Haha

And before I forget, I am going to bring you another special ‘different’ look for the season tomorrow! Please do keep tuned for the same!


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