Talking about my fresh take on Diwali and other upcoming occasions I am here with another beautiful post for you amazing people! First of all, I am really really grateful for the kind of response you guys have been giving me and the blog! All the love and support is overwhelming and I owe everything to you people!

Okay, coming to today’s blog post now! It is very well established that I love to break rules. And so, like I showed you how to go pastel this season, I am going to show you another one of my recommended options.

While passing my time over Facebook a few days ago, I came across this page called Raiman (also the name of the designer) full of some incredibly done fusion fashion. I personally am a sucker for those western-silhouettes and indian prints! And on top of that they also deal in a large variety of indian designs like lehengas and kurtis. The use of hand-crafted textiles and their surroundings being the inspiration for their designs is what sets them apart. Nothing of it is machine made and that’s what adds that special touch to the collection.

I love the use of cotton mixed with some earthy colours. It gives me a sense of freedom and power. So for Diwali, I asked her for a pair of skirt and blouse which are subtle but perfect for the occasion. I am not a big fan of buying extremely expensive, heavy and embroidered garments which are only worn once and the sum of money just basically goes down the drain.


The good part about such pieces is that they are easy going! They never look over-done and can be easily worn at almost every other occasion. Also,  so easy to mix and match. I tried the blouse with a pair of jeans too and trust me, it looked amazing. Similarly, the skirt can be teamed up with any nice crop top or even a crisp white shirt.

DSC_0564 (2)



For the perfect Diwali look and to give to the feel of the whole outfit, I wore it just the way it is. The choli and skirt make the perfect combination!


I teamed it all up with some huge silver loops and black bindi. Aren’t bindis gorgeous? As a child I hated them, and now I could wear a bindi everyday. Every bindi is a different mood, a small pink one says delicate and elegant; and big black one says power and beauty. Whatever the outfit, don’t you guys forget to experiment with bindis this time.




DSC_0588 (2)

Some silver flats for footwear and you’re all set for the Diwali where you look like your own goddess!


I am linking Raiman’s  website below and I am sure you love the look  so please check out the whole collection already!

Website: Raiman

Facebook: Raiman

Instagram: raimanofficial

A very special thanks to my photographer for this one, Aliya! Isn’t she simply amazing? Don’t forget to check her work out on and on Instagram @matargasht ! ❤

I hope you liked this post as much as I do! I am coming up with another Indian twist this week so be on a watch out. Subscribe here on the blog for instant updates of any new blog posts made!


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