Aren’t we a little too busy these days? Well, I definitely am. First, the college, the blog, the festivities going around and oh god the upcoming exams! I sure seem to have lost it already. In all this mess and crazy schedule, who has the time to go out shopping for the perfect festive outfit! I flip out even at the thought of wasting hours shopping when I have the fear of exams above my shoulders! Yes, just the fear. I haven’t opened a book yet and I waste my whole day watching movies but yes going out to shop sure freaks me out!

In any case, with such amazing online shopping options available, who even needs to right? I love to shop online. I know you do too and in case you don’t, well maybe you haven’t shopped at the right place yet. Talking of that, today is  another shirt dress that I am going to work on which I got online, again! I know, I know, I do a lot of shirt dresses, don’t I? But man I love them. You guys are aware of my love for versatile clothing and how I love to wear the same clothes styled differently every single time. And believe you me, shirt dresses are one of the most versatile ones. I mean, I have worn it in so many ways already but it just doesn’t seem to end.

I got today’s shirt from 10 Monochrome on Instagram. The brand is run by a very talented young lady, Aparajita Tiwari. Her designs are really fresh and that’s what caught my eye. With  such large number of designers and brands coming up it does become a little difficult for us to track the good ones. And on my part I try and bring to you only the ones that wouldn’t disappoint you. That’s basically what my job is right? Yes, of course after giving you some of my home-made styling tips, haha!

So, I got this really beautiful maroon shirt from her. First because the color is so warm, I thought it would be perfect for the season. Second, I simply fell for those detailed and contrasting pockets and shoulders! Of course it can be worn like a dress, or over a pair of jeans, or as a cape and what not! This time, I decided to give it a festive touch by wearing it as a kurta. Please blame the festive air around, not me! 😛





Basically as you see, I just teamed it up with a pair of striped palazzos! Not to forget, that any ethnic look is incomplete without the right accessories, so I wore a silver and gold metal bracelet and a pretty, and very contrast in color earring as a maang tika! I love the popping a different color on an otherwise, similar colored outfit and you too can try it. Like adding some colourful bangles over a monochromatic look, or a pair of yellow heels! Nothing really hurts, all you need is to try.



For shoes, I finally wore these little gold wedges that I bought long ago in a sale, just because they were in a sale! (Us girls I tell you!) Somehow, I never really wore them but this time when I did, I wondered why. Happens right? We buy something and then never wear it and later someday just stumble over it and think why we were such fools.



Here we come to an end. Did you like it? Please do comment below and let me know of your views. It really helps. Also, don’t forget to visit 10_monochrome from the link below. Trust me, you’ll love their work.

Facebook- 10, Monochrome

Instagram- @10_monochome

Also, a huge-ass thanks to my love Aliya who shot these amazing pictures for me. Find her here- @matargasht

A lot more is coming up, so until next time,


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