Hello again,

Tooesday it is! Are your exams coming ? Mine are and I have no idea of what I am going to do. Suddenly I am jealous of my friends who are working because, no exams for them. *sigh*

Okay, not letting all the tension come here, lets talk about what I am going to serve you guys on the blog today! There are a lot of places in the country where there is winter sitting already, and places where winter is nowhere to be seen! In Delhi, it is confusing. Mind boggling. It is chilly in the mornings and evenings and really sunny and warm in the day time. You have no idea on what to wear but we know the sun is not going to stay long!

So, from now on I am going to share my winter lookbook with you guys! Wohooooo. And I will also start my winter DIYs soon. Wohoooo again. Today’s is a very simple and basic start to this lookbook. I am sock person. There are two things you’ll see me wearing a lot in winters, socks and winter caps. Nobody wears them like  I do. Later with the coming posts I’ll show you many more ways on styling those socks but for now we’ll just do one.

Also, as far as my love for t-shirts and crop tops goes, I simply can’t bid them adieu yet! And so I got myself this really cute crop top from an           e-store called STYLE FLIES. If you check out their collection, which you should, you’ll see a variety of quirky and colorful t-shirts, crop tops, badges, little wallets and now even some winter sweat shirts! 😀 The collection is small but so worth it. The cherry on the top is that the prices too are really affordable! I will link them below so you can see for yourself 🙂

For this look I basically just teamed up my penguin crop top from Style Flies, with a pair of nice blue skinnies. Now, I added a pair of long geometrically colored socks OVER the my jeans. I love how the socks provide a different look and add a hint of fun to the otherwise, boring look. And since it is not too cold here yet, I just threw on a light long cardigan on top.





Coconut hair? Yeah!

I also loved this little dolphin pouch that I got from Style Flies again. Isn’t it adorable? 😀



I think that this look is super easy. I mean I didn’t even do much but the look still is way different than what it would have been if the socks weren’t there, dull, boring and regular! I hate to be regular.



I hope you guys too will try something like this so that winter does not look as boring anymore! I am going to come up with a zillion more looks this winter so don’t you guys worry. But do visit STYLE FLIES on the link below!

Website: Style Flies

Instagram: @styleflies

The credit for these beautiful pictures goes to my love Aliya. You can follow her on Instagram @matargasht ❤


Crop top: Style Flies

Jeans: Forever21, INR 649

Socks: Tibetan Market, INR 40

Shoes: Adidas Originals, INR 5,500

Cardigan: Local market, INR 250.


I know you guys have been waiting for the results from so long. I cannot express in words how over whelmed I am because of the great participation and love that you guys show! I only wish I could surprise each one of you but sadly there is only one I can choose! and since it was based on the rules and mostly on the comment you make, I chose TANNU from  @tan2cool on Instagram as the winner. She had a very filmy dialogue written, which obviously caught my eye.

(Tannu please email us your contact details and address at

Nonetheless I want to thank each and every one of you for being so supportive and understanding. I have set a milestone of 10k followers and once I reach there, I will sponsor a huge giveaway and that too with a large number of winners. There would be many more in between too of course! In fact, one of them is coming super soon! So do stay with me on this! 😀

Until friday,


7 thoughts on “KNOCKING CHILLS DOWN!!

  1. tannu says:

    OMG OMG lik seriously its the best shock ever i got he he he he i actually cant believe that i won this contest and specially those beautiful and eye catching earings….wow like now i can actually get dressed for my sajna with these awsome earings and get the best comments from him…i am so excited to receive these like seriously OMG😍…thanks for having such wonderful contest where unexpected gifts are recieved…loads of luv and gud wishes for you.


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