Hello my loves!

How are we doing today? Friday is here and so is a brand new post! Lately, I have been talking about how you can easily rock your summer wardrobe favorites in this fall. Well, technically it should be winter, and in my hometown it actually is, Delhi seems to be a little slow! Earlier I showed you how you could totally rock your t-shirts this season and today we are going to talk about bodycon dresses!

I love the casual, preppy bodycon dresses that can be worn easily rather than the one that can only be taken out when you decide to party. And so, I am going to style this very simple blue acid washed dress that I bought from Forever21 back in the summer! Oh summer!

Okay, so before further ado lets dig into the four looks I created.

Look 01. Vintage Feels


For the first look I decided to add another bottom to my look. And how? Well, I simply added this pretty pink midi skirt i have, below my dress to give it some length and for more coverage.



Doing this also gives it a very vintage English vibe to me somehow. Do you feel so too? To cover my upper half I chose to go with a sturdy denim shirt and added a green scarf along with!



For shoes I went along with my age old studded brown boots that I absolutely love. Aren’t they gorgeous? Should I stop asking questions? Yes? Okay! 😀


Look 02. Boyish charm


I don’t need to possibly even mention what a big tom boy I used to be and how that feeling still lingers around. I would still choose sneakers over everything and with everything.


So for this look, I decided to double the dress. For that, I wore this huge t-shirt that I bought like two years ago from a local market. I just love that tribal head that it has printed on it. I pulled my sleeves down for that look. I like doing that with everything that has a falling neck. It is a nice change from the regular deep necks. So now when you wear something with a deep neck, try doing this for a complete different look! 🙂



To prevent myself from the light chills around, I wore these cute and very comfortable thigh high socks and my converse! I would suggest you guys to also invest in some nice thigh high socks of your own because they can be worn in a multiple ways and if you don’t want to do that, I’ll soon show you how to make your own! Do I smell a DIY tutorial? Hell yeah!



Look 03. Too Shirty.


There are no rules in fashion. I am saying this for probably the millionth time and I will stick to it always. Fashion is infinite to me. There is nothing as regular in fashion! Yes, there is a possibility that you may not like my choices and vice versa but fashion is subjection, your fashion choices are subjective. They will be different for everybody.



Okay, now that I am done with my lesson lets talk about the look! Basically, I realized, while styling this one, that I had never seen anybody wearing two shirts and I asked myself why! I didn’t get an answer and once I wore these two shirts together I only felt good. I mean, I don’t find anything wrong with it. You can layer anything by the time it makes you feel good and comfortable, and I think the two shirts look great together.



This time I pulled down my thigh high socks a little and wore them with my studded booties!


Look 04 The flight.


As soon as I ever put this fringed cape on, I feel light, like I could fly. Clothes have that magic, don’t they? Where they make you feel like something, something you can’t possibly even be or do!


So well I went on and covered myself with the cape, added these long tan boots and I was good to take over the world. Keeping it simple works most of the times.



Hitting the end to the post now I want your views on how you felt after reading this one! Please so share your views, positive or negative. They help in innumerable ways! 🙂

Also, check out one of my favorite photographers Karanvir, who clicked these incredible pictures, here and here.


Bodycon dress: Forever21, INR 729

Look 01-

Shirt : Street shopped, INR 350

Green scarf: Local Market, INR 50

Studded boots: Tibetan Market, INR 800

Look 02-

T-shirt: Local market, INR 300

Shoes- Converse, INR 1699

Thigh high socks: Forever21, INR 449

Look 03-

Plaid shirt: Tibetan Market, INR 350

Blue shirt: Sarojini Nagar, INR 150

Look 04-

Fringed cape: Sarojini Nagar, INR 150

Boots: Local Market, INR 1499


And until we meet again,






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