Have you ever found yourself stuck in life? I am sure you have. I myself have a million times. And in such situations all I want to do is runaway, from all my worries. But of course, it is not as easy.  In real, we’ve got to fight those situations, be our own savior.


Even though many times our lives only look like endless deserts, we have to find in ourselves our own oasis. I believe that there is ultimate power in us! When I say ultimate, I mean ultimate. I have gone through times that looked like dead ends. Relationships that tried to murder. I have done things I am not proud of but you know what, I am really proud of myself today! And through today’s post, I want you to know that so should you.



We are all what we make ourselves. Yeah things may seem a little blurred sometimes but we got to hold that rein! We have it in us, everything that we may need, ever!



We are all complete and beautiful and powerful and we have to feel that way. We are all gypsies on the inside, carefree and wild. The only problem is, that gypsy is caged. We have caged it.





After all that I have gone through and learnt in my life until now, I have only concluded one thing. I CAN ONLY BE HAPPY WHEN I STOP CARING. That’s the mantra. I am here to please myself first and then comes anybody else! Call me selfish, but it is true. Once you stop caring too much about what others have to say, life gets better. And of course it is not easy, I still do care to some extent but I am learning! I am learning to be me.


I hope I made you guys think a little because that was all I wanted. Just be fearless, be wild, be happy, be you.

WEARING: Today I am wearing one of my favorite brands Raiman again. Somehow her clothes make me feel all that I said above, my own master. It is the peaceful, carefree vibes that the clothes offer I think. An add on to the amazing designs and prints of course!

I styled the dress really simple because it doesn’t need much to stand out. I wore a jhumka which recently lost its other half in an accident, as a maang tika; a pom pom and shell bracelet and some kolhapuris that make sounds which remind me of my mom!

Do check Raiman out, HERE. 😀

Also, don’t mind my hair! I am just going through a rough phase of scalp infection and lets hope it gets better or you’ll see a a bald girl spilling the sass here. Obviously, nothing is going to stop me from doing that. 😛

And I know you’re wondering who took these amazing pictures and well she’s the one who is always on top of my list, Aparna Mohindra. Too much girl power going on here I see. Please do check her work out, HERE and HERE

I really really hope you guys liked the post, even after all the gyaan and lecture! Let me know what you think 🙂


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