How are you today? My day has been great so far. All I have done is wake up late and stay in bed with food and movies. They give us gaps between exams expecting us to study, this is what we actually do. But anyways, the best part of the day is here. The blog. Thanks to my exams the schedule has gotten a little shaken up but I make sure to post twice a week. 😀

Having lived all my life on a hill station, I don’t adore winters as much as others do. I am more into summers, with two pieces of clothing on and you’re good to go. Of course summers are harsh in multiple ways but they are fun. Winters can be fun too. I hate to layer so many clothes and your bags become heavier when you travel but that’s where the creativity comes in. Winters are great to experiment with your style. There are so many options to try from and I promise you that I will keep my ‘less love’ for winter aside and bring you some of the greatest winter trends and styles.

Today, we are talking about turtle necks or high necks. As a child I hated them because of how they clung to my neck making it all uneasy. Now, I am in love with them. Of course, there are people who still can’t bear them and sometimes the material they are made of isn’t what it should be, but if you aren’t one of those and you get yourself the right one you are so rocking these winters.

While buying a turtle neck, ultimate importance should be given to the material it is made of. I am sure you know how uncomfortable if feels when you keep scratching your neck and pulling the turtle neck outwards! After you’ve got your hands on a good one, here are three ways you can easily style them. (There are many more which will keep showing up with upcoming posts, but this one is for the beginners!)

Look 01.

This one is my favourite of all three. I have simply worn my high neck with a pair of jeans, some great long boots, a beanie and a statement necklace. Plain turtle necks are the best because you can then accessorize them with n number of things and they look flawless. And trust me I did not buy the beanie and the high neck together, in fact I bought the beanie first. 😛 It was such a coincidence that the colors matched. Although I am sure a different coloured one would’ve done similar magic.

DSC_9568 (2)

This beautiful statement necklace is from Shop That Outfit. Do check them out. 😀

DSC_9632 (2)

DSC_9572 (2)

DSC_9661 (2)

Look 02.

This one a boho look where I wore my turtle neck with a maxi skirt. Maxi skirts aren’t as difficult to be worn in winters as they look. You only need to layer them with a pair of tights or stockings inside. I also added a floral cape which is actually really sturdy and my favourite studded boots!

DSC_9512 (2)

DSC_9525 (2)

DSC_9556 (2)

DSC_9541 (2)

DSC_9547 (2)


This look is sure to make you stand out of the crowd and it is also really comfortable.

Look 03.

All you do is work? Fear not ladies as these turtle necks look as good for work as they do otherwise. Wear them with your favourite pants or skirt and add a blazer to go. Easy as that.

DSC_9485 (2)

DSC_9476 (2)

DSC_9486 (2)

DSC_9475 (2)

So, here we go ladies. Tell me what you think about the looks in the comments below please.

Also, with the next post I am starting my Christmas and New Year’s looks on the blog so don’t forget to join in for some holiday inspiration 😀

Photography credits to Vaibhav Sachdeva. You can find him HERE

Until the next one,



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