My exams are finally over! Haha I am sorry but I am so relieved, I couldn’t help sharing. Also, I am super excited to finally share my holiday looks with you guys. Christmas and New Year are knocking right on our doors. There is such a little time and so much to do right?

Well, you need not worry. From today until the very end of this month I am going to share some looks that I’ve created for all these occasions that are coming up. These looks are going to be really easy and fun to try.

Today I am also going to talk about my new favorite accessory store Crimson. Very recently I stumbled upon them over Instagram and man I sure loved what I saw. The store is full of some very quirky, colorful and fun accessories for the ladies. It is for a lady, who is fun, outgoing, smart, talkative and confident, If you think you’re one of those, it is for you.

Let’s talk about today’s look now. Don’t we all have those big sweaters that we avoid wearing and don’t remember the reason we bought them in the first place? I sure do. This pastel green sweater was one. I bought it but somehow never found a way to wear it nicely! Well only of course very recently when I decided to try it on as a dress and it worked wonders. Trust me girls, huge sweaters worn as dresses are the best thing ever. Mine is a fitted one and feels like a bodycon dress but it does not have to fit. It can be a loose, oversized one too! 😀 All you need to do next is to add a pair of long socks (length is upto you, it all looks great), some great accessories like this huge-ass necklace I am wearing from Crimson, a cute clutch or bag (mine is from Crimson again!) and a pair of great shoes. If it is too cold then you can also add a pair of tights underneath. Your comfort should always be your first priority!

Check out the pictures below:

DSC_2967 (3)

DSC_2980 (3)

DSC_2929 (2)

DSC_2953 (2)

DSC_2952 (2)

DSC_3016 (2)

And this is it. Did you like my first holiday look? Do let me know in the comments below please! And a big thankyou and hugs to all of you for being so supportive throughout. I love each one of you who takes time out to read this little thing. Thank you so much.

Also, do check out more of such uber cool accessories at Crimson HERE

The beautiful pictures have been captured by an equally beautiful photographer Natasha Sharma. You can find her HERE and HERE

And until the next holiday look,


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