“Today’s is the story of a princess! She is young and smart but a little disappointed in her life. Of course being a princess may look good on the outside, only few know of the pain and boredom it burdens you with. This one is an adventurer, stuck in a palace. She is supposed to look her best every minute, neat and feminine. Will she be able to change her life or be caged for the rest? ….”

IMG_6388 (2)


Let’s talk about today’s holiday look. People who have been following my blog know about my love for tulle and tutu skirts. Yes there is a difference. Tulle is a fabric that these skirts are generally made of. But tutu skirts mostly consist of a large number of tulle layers because they are mainly used in Ballet. So since mine here has only one layer of tulle, I am going to address it as a tulle skirt.

IMG_6395 (2)

Coming back to the point, I think tulle skirts are also a must-have in your wardrobe. A lot of girls feel that tulle skirts are a little too much and hard to carry, but believe you me, they are not. Infact tulle skirts are really light and you can get them in a variety of sizes as per your preference and they never disappoint. They bring out our inner sophistication and elegance but are fun and frolic at the same time. I got mine from an Instagram store called Flora Clothing by the young and talented Vidhi Padia. I absolutely love the mint color and the frills added on the top of the skirt, setting it apart from any regular one. Apart from this they have a lot more to offer which you must check out. I will link them at the end. 🙂

IMG_6389 (2)

For today’s look I have styled the skirt with a bold colored sweatshirt tucked in. Then I went on to add a headband and some huge ice-cream earrings from my fav. Crimson. For more color I also added a pair of yellow kitten heels in the looks. I simply love the whole combination of colors and there is no compromising with winter too! 😀

IMG_6418 (2)

IMG_6370 (3)

IMG_6360 (2)

This was it, I really hope you guys like them. For one more look in the same skirt and the climax of the princess’ story, do come back this Friday. 🙂

Until then, do check out the two brands featured in the post.

Flora Clothing (Mint Tulle Skirt)

Crimson (Ice cream Earrings)

Think Pink (Fringe bag)


The amazing photography was done by my love Natasha. You can find her here NutShell Productions.


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