“For she always dreamt of the world outside, the journeys and the jungles. She wasn’t the one to be tamed. So, it was about time things changed. And they did, for the good! She ran away, to be free and to be her own.”

The princess you met last week changed her life. I have always believed that we always do best, the things that we love. Any life is incomplete if we do not go for what we love. So to those who are still living the lives they never wanted, I just wanted to say that it’s never too late. NEVER.

IMG_6130 (2)

Alright, let’s talk today’s look now. As already said, the princess is now a wanderer, in fact her own queen. She is fearless and adventurous and so changed her style too. It is much more comfortable and easy going than the last time.

IMG_6025 (2)

IMG_6056 (2)

This time I wore the tulle skirt like a midi and paired it with a plain white top. The combination is light and easy on the eye.

IMG_5865 (2)

IMG_6002 (2)

Since she is not made for heels, I put on some white converse to go. And of course, a look like this one wouldn’t have been complete without a great leather jacket to add that rad element.

IMG_6010 (2)

And thanks to my love for hats and the increasing level of cold here in Delhi, I added my current favourite beanie too, thus completing my ‘Runaway Princess’ look. 😀

IMG_5965 (2)

And here we go. Please do share your views about the look below and let me know if you liked it or not.


Tulle Skirt: Flora Clothing

Leather Jacket: Forever21

Shoes: Converse

The beautiful photography was done by my friend Natasha from NutShell Productions. Do check her work out. 🙂

And until next time,



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