Hello again my folksies,

I am back home and oh my god I cannot possibly put in words how cold it is here. I cover everything with tons of layers but my face is cold. There is no way out. Although there is no denying that I am also loving all of it at the same time, the hills, the chills and of course the endless cups of tea mom makes me!

Alright, lets come to what we do here. This month is all about holiday looks for me and we’ve already done a few. I promised you guys that I have something for each and every one of you. Today I’ll be sharing with you guys, my favourite Christmas look. Wohoo 😀

Don’t mind me when you do not see me carrying any coat or a jacket for these looks. We girls tend to suddenly feel too hot when we have to go party. Although you must always carry something to cover yourself up.

DSC_3203 (2)

DSC_3186 (2)

Having said that, today I am sharing my love for bell bottoms with you guys. They were rage back when I was i high school and I’ll be honest, I hated them then. I have always been super skinny and back then the kind that I wore was so lose that I felt embarrassed. With time however I have learnt to accept myself and also to find the right size. Haha I got this one from Myntra, a brand called Tokyo Talkies. I just love the shade of the jeans and for a 700 Rs what else do you need! You girls need to get your hands n this one right away.

DSC_3119 (2)

DSC_3185 (2)

I wanted to go a little 90s with my look, the kind that Kiera Kightley or Lindsay Lohan used to wear, with those big bell bottoms and small falling tops! I got this see through one from Sarojini Nagar for just a 100 bucks and do you think I love it? Oh hell yes!

DSC_3127 (2)

DSC_3156 (2)

Good accessories are a must so how could I forget letting Crimson come to my rescue. I love Crimson for its quirky, colorful  and you-will-not-find-them-anywhere-else kind of accessories. So my beautiful tassel earrings and the perfect Christmas bag are from the same. The best part about the bag is, the decorations are detachable so when Christmas is over, you an flaunt that bag in a whole new avatar. 😀

DSC_3070 (2)

And, my cold fingers tell me that this is it ladies. Do let me know whether you like the look or not. 😀

Find Crimson here😀

The beautiful pictures were captured by my love Natasha. Do follow here page NutShell Productions here

Until the next one,




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