Hello you guys!
Christmas is supposed to be full of surprises, is it not? Well, I actually do have one for you. 😀 Wohooo
Have you heard of FabAlley? Who are we kidding, of course you have. I have been following FabAlley for quite some time now. They always try and bring out the most trendy and updated fashion in their collection and that’s one reason I simply love it.  Apart from this, I love how huge a variety they offer. From apparels, to accessories, to bags and what not! You ask for it and it is there. 😀

This Christmas, me and FabAlley got together to bring out the best accessories for you. I picked six pieces from their huge collection (trust me, it wasn’t easy!) and today I am going to tell you why I picked them and of course why you should too. 🙂
Let’s get started.
1. Buckle up gold cuffd3 (3)
Any dead basic outfit can be easily brought back to life with some statement jewelry. Here I have this beautiful buckle up gold cuff from FabAlley doing the same for me, Winters make us lazy and we don’t do much while going out. But don’t you worry ladies, cuffs like these can always save your day. A plain sweater, skinny jeans, some long boots and this cuff right here make the perfect classy go-out combo!
Find it here
2.Iced Rhinestone Statement Necklace
d3 (4)
We are all aware of the magic statement necklaces can do, right? And well, if you thought they are no use in winters, then you’re so wrong! turtle necks and statement necklaces make the world’s best fall outfit. Trust me ladies, solid color pullovers or tops and a beautiful necklace like this one from FabAlley go a long long way!
Find it here
3.Beige Zipped Shopper bags
d3 (5)
When it comes to bags, I get a little choosy. I generally go for the classier ones. Bags which are beige or tan in colour not only are classy but also compliment any outfit you choose. I got this pretty one from FabAlley of course.  Apart from the colour,  the structure too is beautiful and makes for the perfect bag, a must have in our wardrobes!
Find it here
4. Rose Gold Quilted Back Pack
d3 (6)
I am a sucker for back packs, No seriously, I love them. Being a little tomboyish, I have always had quite a many. I came across this one on FabAlley and it was instant love. Don’t you just love it too? It had me in awe the moment I saw it. First it rose gold, second the whole design of the bag, just amazing. This one is perfect for those who go to college or are just back pack lovers like I am.
Find it here
5.Purple Solid Scarf
d3 (1)
Scarfs are a staple wardrobe must have. When you cant invest in a lot of statement accessories, scarves can easily save you! I simply fell for the bold purple color. It defines winter. I can actually use it in a million ways but my favorite look would b with a leather jacket with this scarf around my neck all tucked in.
Find it here
6.Cool Cat Sunglasses
d3 (2)
I’ve come across a lot of people who believe that there is no need for sun glasses in winters. Wrong. In fact, the need remains the same. And cat eye glasses are so sexy and chic that they would add glamour to any of your outfit. You really think your leather jacket would be complete without this sexy thing here? I found these ones on FabAlley and there is a long list to choose from.
Find it here
And these were my six top favorite accessories from FabAlley. Don’t forget to check more out at
I hope you guys liked this surprise post. And, and, and one more post with my last holiday look is coming up in a while. 🙂 So don’t forget to keep tuned for the same 😀


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