It is getting too cold for me to handle but I am sure loving all the layering that’s going on. All the coats, jackets, beanies and boots! But wait, do you think boots are your only way out for winters? I think one of the many reasons I like winters is because I get to wear all my sneakers, brogues and what not. Trust me, in the scorching heat of Delhi, you can barely even imagine about those.

My love for shoes has been endless! Even as a kid, I hardly ever asked Santa for toys. But a bag full of shoes was always on my list. Your shoes define you and seriously, that doesn’t mean you need to splurge a big sum on them. I have seen shoes that cost 500 bucks but are so comfortable and sexy and those priced at 10,000 and looking like my great grand mother’s! Anyways, on a recent Facebook tour I came across this brand of shoes that hand crafts luxury pieces for women, Osca Donna. They have fresh designs that you would have rarely seen anywhere and such competitive prices. I knew I had to get myself a treat from them. The one more reason, I am talking about this brand so much is because their collection is small and very well put together. I always love it when designers focus on the quality instead of the quantity.

_MG_2038 (2)

Okay so after a lot of serious thinking I chose myself a pair of brown brogues! Why? First, brogues are perennial. You can wear them all year round and that’s what makes them so special. And, they compliment almost everything. I have hardly seen any outfits that don’t really go with a pair of brogues. So brogues are definitely one of my must-have shoes!

_MG_2044 (2)

Let’s talk about today’s look! As already mentioned how much I enjoy layering, this one is for those who are still trying to figure how-to’s and when-to’s of layering. Well, as for everything else, my key to this too is, ‘whatever you like’! Yeah, you have to make sure, you’re comfortable and have the required warmth you were looking for. Rest, what and where to mix is totally your dish to make. Be creative.

_MG_2008 (2)

Here I decided to wear my new floral dress from New Look with a golden sweater on top. Dark florals go very well with winters. So you don’t really need to ditch those florals you have. Below my dress, I am wearing two pairs if tights. I’ll tell you why. First, it sometimes gets too cold and there’s no harm in wearing layers in your bottom wear too. I generally see people layering sweaters and jackets but never really for the legs. Poor thing! Also, I really like how the colors of the two leggings play with each other when folded from the bottom. I also added a summer cape to the whole look. I know it does no help in beating the cold but it sure makes a difference in the whole look. So sometimes, no matter how superficial it may look, do things just because you like them. And this is not just for your clothes! 😀

_MG_2060 (2)


_MG_2022 (2)

For shoes of course I chose my new brogues, wohoooo! Yeah okay, I’ll tone it down a little. 😛 I also added a hat on the go to add more life to the whole outfit. I am obsessed with hats, whatever the size be. I got this one for a throw away price of 300 Rs. Suede hats like this one, totally make for a great winter essential.

_MG_2010 (2)

And oh, how could I forget my new love, my bag. I am totally crushing on this one and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you because you’re gonna see a lot of this baby on the blog. It is so beautiful, its grey and suede and oh so perfect. Not to forget, I got this one from an Instagram merchandiser Ornabliss who not only have a huge range of perfect bags but also shoes and other accessories at amazing prices! 😀

Also, don’t forget to say hello to Isabella, my stuffed mousie, who begged me to come along for the shoot.

So, did you like the layering lesson? Please do share in the comments below and don’t forget to join me over Instagram for quicker updates and previews. 😀


Black Cape: Flora clothing, find it here

Brogues: Osca Donna, find them here

Bag: Ornabliss, find it here

Floral dress: New Look Fashion

Golden sweater: Local Market, Nainital

Hat: Tibetan market, Delhi.

Infinity knit muffler: Nainital

The credits for these very well captured pictures goes to Dhruv from Dhruv Narang Photography. I am sure you loved his work here. Don’t  forget to take a look at more 😀

And since we meet in the year 2016 now, a happy new year to each one of you, kisses, hugs and


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