When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it;

And when life gives you leather, make pants out of it.

Hey everyone, how are we doing?

As you must have guessed, I am talking about leather pants today. Of course not pure leather, no.  I do not advocate any form of abuse on animals for clothing purposes. Specially when we have such great synthetic substitutes for them.

We have all always been obsessed with leather jackets, haven’t we? Well there is no denying that they are  bold and sexy and oh such a source of power. When I wear one, I feel like someone who can kick anybody’s ass! But do know what else you can kick asses in? Leather pants. I am sorry for making this look like an advertisement, but trust me these pants are another sexy little thing you need in your wardrobe. I have come across a lot of people who think that these pants are tacky and stupid! I was one of them. And after having watched a particular episode of FRIENDS where Ross deals with his leather pants not so well, many of us got scared of these poor pants. Haha

Today, I’ve grown. Quite some time back I decided to judge something only after having had a taste of it. (Is that even right English?) Anyway, so I decided to buy these pleather pants, actually almost two years back, and gave them a try! And, I loved them. I still do. The mantra behind buying the perfect pair is first, they should fit you well enough and second they must be good quality. The cheap ones actually end up looking tacky and a big turn off!

Coming to the looks for today, I created two simple yet chic looks that can easily be done with your leather pants and they don’t end up looking too out-there!

Look 01- Bad blood

I am sure you have seen Taylor Swift’s bad blood video, looks similar? Yeah so I wanted to create a very strong and bold look and this I did by going all black with my black high neck top and this sexy leather jacket from Kazo. I also let my hair stay in the top and create a faux bob to add to the whole looks. Also, my new black boots looked tailor made for the whole look!


_MG_2188 (2)

_MG_2170 (2)

_MG_2199 (2)

_MG_2178 (2)

_MG_2180 (2)

Look 02- Knit Knot

For my second outfit, I decided go for a more girly tone! So I decided to pair my pants with a pink cable knit sweater that was such a steal from a local street market. I also went on with a pair of long boots and some chunky accessories to define the look.

_MG_2227 (2)

_MG_2280 (2)

_MG_2275 (2)

_MG_2272 (2)

_MG_2249 (2)

_MG_2290 (2)

So was I able to convince you of the beauty of leather pants? Do let me know. Your feedback is the only thing that keeps me going.


Pleather pants: Incense store, Delhi

Leather Jacket: Kazo

Black high neck top: Janpath market, Delhi

Black boots: Tibetan Market, Delhi

Cable knit sweater: Local Street Market

Long Boots: some random store in a mall, Gurgaon.

Stone ring: Janpath, Delhi.

And a special thanks to my photographer for the day, Dhruv. You can find more of his amazing work here

And till we meet again,


3 thoughts on “HOW TO: ROCK LEATHER PANTS!!

  1. u look very sexy in first look , and damn cute in the second one 🙂 second one was my fav of all , u look soo innocent (* hope u are too ) :p gal u just make me wanna shop more n more .. definitly nxt tym whn m in delhi m gonna check out all the stores and local market u mention 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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