How excited am I? Oh you have no idea. I have always been this person who looks at things and says, “I am not buying that when I can easily make it!” Although I rarely ever do that, but when it happens, it is pure love. I love to create, be it looks or things.

So, hello everyone! I am back with my series of DIY tutorials and I promise you that it is going to be bigger and better. Wohooo! 😀 I’ve a list of some amazing ideas that we are going to try this time but all I need from you people to show your support and share your honest opinions with me. Trust me, this helps so much!

Alright, the first one of this year is going to be a very simple DIY that you can try right away! We are going to revamp a shawl/stole. Yeah, the title gave the suspense away! Haha

How many times have you attended weddings and functions in winters and ended up chilled because of the low neck blouse you’re wearing? My mother would scream at me ask me to take a shawl along but of course I don’t want to be seen with an old-aunty shawl! (No offence mothers!)

Now, of course there are quirky, colourful, “our-age” shawls and stoles available in the market but man, ain’t nobody got the money for that! Not me at least. Shopping for these functions already burns a hole in your pocket and now this hefty addition? NO. So, today I am making my own.


*A solid coloured stole or shawl or even scarf if you want to try otherwise! (old or new does not matter!) If you’re bold enough and find something nice, prints can be worked on too!

IMG_1597 (2)

*A beautiful lace or border that you may want to add to it. Totally your call.


*Thread and a needle to sew, or fabric glue would work fine too!


For my border, I chose this beautiful tasselled one which so colourful and funky. Something like this works best because it goes with almost everything! Anyways, there is not much to do here, just place that lace or border on the sides and start gluing it from one corner to other. Like, me you can also sew it. Believe me, I am like a 5 year old when it comes to sewing but this one takes no time and no you don’t have to be a professional.


If you’re sewing, a simple up-down stitch would work. I finished mine in 20 mins in a Café Coffee Day outlet, being judged by so many people around! Haha It was fun. So, there is nothing much to it. You can also get it done from a small tailor for neat work. And in a span of not even half an hour, you have to yourself a very pretty looking shawl that can be teamed up so easily and gives a whole new life to your attire instead of taking it down!

Here I have some pictures for you to show how I styled mine in two ways. The first one is a little ethnic. Sorry, I do not have too many ethnic clothes, still working with a slit top here! 😛 But as you can see, the stole just pumps the outfit up and it so good to cover yourself up when you feel cold without giving up on the glam.



Also, not just ethnic wear, you can wear it with your regular clothes and add a little flavour to them. Below, you see me styling it in three ways but for you it totally depends on your taste and creativity.





Stole: Janpath market, INR 150

Tasselled Border: Chandni Chowk, INR 50

Slit Top:

Blue Jeans: Forever21

Kolhapuris: @anhadonline on Instagram and a store in DLF Place, Saket, Delhi.

Ethnic clutch: @designerds_ankitapatel on Instagram.

Also, a big thanks to my lovely photographer Natasha for this one. You can check more of her outstanding work on Nut Shell Productions .

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please do let me know here or over Instagram. Your love is everything!  😀



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