Do you like Ranveer Singh? Well, I don’t think that’s going to be a no! He is gorgeous, isn’t he? Alright, let me come back to my senses. Okay, so even seriously speaking, I really admire Ranveer Singh and one of the biggest reason would be, ‘he is always himself’! I love how open he is, about everything. He doesn’t care what people would say because does it really matter? This shows in his clothes too. Nomatter how many jokes or memes comes up, he is always there being himself. And honestly, I love his style.

Coming to today’s post now, I recently got this super cool co-ord set from Raiman which reminded me of Ranveer the very second I saw it. I simply fell in love with the Indian bandhej work but on such a contemporary set. Raiman has always been a favourite for her gorgeous fusion work. I mean seriously, who does it to that extent? A co-ord set that is bold, powerful and oh-so-sexy! Today, I am wearing it in three ways and once again I’m breaking rules that only exist in our heads!

Look 01.

This set is such a complete outfit in itself that it needs nothing to boost it up. It already is out-there and I love out-theres! So, all I did was pair my Adidas and these pretty pink tassel earrings that I made myself, with the same. If you want to know how I made the earrings, do let me know. I’ll share a tutorial.

IMG_5200 (2)

IMG_5246 (2)

IMG_5204 (3)

IMG_5250 (2)

Look 02.

Co-ords are really versatile because you can always pair the top or bottom with any other thing you want. So, I styled my halves too. Here I went for complete new rock chick look but without a leather jacket. I thing we need a change there and this jacket is the change. It is amazing how even though being with an all Indian look, the jacket still manages to pass the whole look and that too with distinction.

IMG_5883 (2)

IMG_5990 (2)

The chunky-indian jewelry makes it all even more appealing and edgy. And give me a moment to talk about my dragon clutch here! Too many reasons to love this one from the Crazy Palette. The dragon, the colors, the funk and oh did I mention it’s hand painted? Yes, HAND PAINTED! Unbelievable right? Well, wait till you see more of their beautiful collection of clutches, I am going to link them in the end.

IMG_6022 (2)

IMG_5947 (2)

IMG_5987 (2)

Look 03.

The final is only for the daring. Haha Although all of them were, but I think this is going to be the most controversial one! What is the that? Pants and a saree blouse?

IMG_5281 (2)

IMG_5277 (2)

IMG_5284 (2)

Well, yes. I fell in love with this fresh look and of course you can tone it down a little by pairing it up with a crop top but trust me ladies, pants and blouses are not bad either. I also added my recently made tasselled stole to go with the look and add more flavour to it. See how I made the stole here.

IMG_5280 (2)

Here we come to an end. I hope you enjoyed breaking rules with me again. Let me know what you think!


Look 01.

Co-ord set: Raiman, find them here .

Shoes: Adidas

Crop top: Forever21

Pink Tassel earrings: DIYed, you may ask for a tutorial! 🙂

Look 02.

Clutch Bag: Crazy Palette, find them here

Jeans: Janpath market, Delhi

Boots: Tibetan market, Delhi

Necklace: Gujarat

Ring: Janpath market, Delhi

Look 03.

Blouse: old

Kolhapuri flats: @anhadonline on Instagram.

Stole: DIYed, find the tutorial here

Also, a big shout out to my talented photographer, Karanvir. You guys can join him here

If you’re new to my blog and haven’t seen my previous ‘Breaking Rules’ post, you can visit here 🙂



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