Hey everyone,

There is no denying that we are always looking for some inspiration for ethnic clothes, aren’t we? Especially in a country like India, where we attend so many functions every now and then. And let’s be honest, who has the time and money to invest in each one of these. But then we can’t afford looking bad either! What a dilemma.

Well, this is when styling comes in. To me personally, spending  on these hefty purchases is not a easy task. First I see as a total waste and second it IS a total waste. Anyways, styling is what I swear by. All the time. You guys, by now, know that I do not have a lot of ethnic pieces in my wardrobe, but I manage. I’ll show you how.

Today I am donning this beautiful ethnic suit from Kria  by Kriti Gupta Sabharwal. I came across her through facebook and loved the simplicity of her designs. Trust me you guys, sometimes simple is what works. It is classy, elegant and a lot can be done with it. Of course she offers heavy worked and equally beautiful pieces too and heavy outfits are nice too, but you wear them once and get over them. They are great if you have a weeding in a close family or some other big occasion. Simple ones can be worn multiple times, just by changing the accessories, or the way you drape them. Kriti has so many of such classy and timeless pieces in her collection that I couldn’t stop myself from getting this one.

Look 01.

I created two looks with the same to show what exactly I was talking about up there. The first is really simple and I have just played around with a statement necklace that I got from Stardust Fashion. You have got to check them out for they beautiful accessories and other little things for such competitive prices. Where else will I talk about affordable fashion if not here, right! So you will see a lot of such pretty necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even some amazing head gears and seasons favourites! I’ll link them below so you can check out.




Also, for this one, I wanted to show that sometimes you can not use things that they are made for. Like this belt in the middle was to hold the dupatta in place but I like my dupatta going with the air so decided to leave it as a belt. And instead of wearing heels to all such occasions and hurting yourself, you can always opt for a pair of kolhapuris rather. They work wonders.






Look 02.

I just love how much I can play around with this suit. I mean I could also not wear the belt at all. I have so many other ways in my head but let me not confuse you. Let’s talk about the second look. Well, most of such pieces have a beautiful deep back. Because what are weddings if you can’t flaunt your back. So I decided to pull the neck down to my shoulders and create an off-the-shoulder look with it. I fell in love with this one. Seriously!




This time I also ditched my churidars for a white palazzo instead that look super rad and some kitten heels in the same mustard color. And, I also did use the belt but this time I wore the back on the front with the embroidered part on the back and the strings hanging on the front, adding more color to it all.




Alright, so here we go ladies. Let me know in the comments below of what of thought of this beautiful suit and my styling ideas. Don’t forget to visit Kria by Kriti Gupta for more of such incredible works. As you can see, they make you fall in love with their designs.


Mustard suit: Kria by Kriti, visit them here

Statement necklace : Stardust Fashion, visit them here

Kolhapuris: @Anhadonline on Instagram

White Palazzos: Vajor.com

Yellow heels: Stelatoes store, Delhi

Golden Loop Earrings : Janpath market, Delhi

Pink Miror clutch: Janpath market, Delhi


Also, please do check out more of my brother’s amazing photography here at Mixtape Photography. I think he deserves it.



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