Hello my loves,

Happy Republic day to you. How did it go and what did you guys do? Mine was a little busy, I had a shoot planned because thanks to the hectic college, I have to use to all my holidays for the blog. I hope you guys did something better, or at least had a great sleep. Haha.

Let us talk about today’s blog post now. People who know me, know that I was not this versatile and experimental from the beginning. I, too, had my safety zones and things I never liked or bothered about. Like, I was always into clothes and shoes but never really cared about other things like the accessories, the bags and other things that come along. My choices and understanding has evolved with time and now I realize how important these things too are.

Earlier, a single sturdy bagpack was enough for me to put my shizz in and now I know variety matters. Although that doesn’t mean that you need a matching bag with every other outfit. No. I believe, in all my heart, that we need pieces that go with most of our things. haha.  I am still more into shoes and clothes as you can see. So yeah, for me still, shopping for a bag generally means shopping for one which can take care of itself for a long time.IMG_5349 (2)

I’m talking about one such variety today. Kilim bags. In its earliest form Kilim weaving was done in Turkey to make rugs and now this has reached a much higher stage. A lot of other Kilim things are famous worldwide and one of them is the bags. They are beautifully done and give you a rich feel . I got mine from this brand called Boriya Basta. They do amazing Kilim bags, from these big fat everyday everywhere ones to statement sling bags. I’ll drop a link at the bottom so you can check them out. I’ve seen bags taking an outfit from rags to riches, this one is mine. It can be taken everywhere, to college, to work, to travel and for people like me who like to carry a lot of junk, basically anywhere.

IMG_5364 (2)

Talking about today’s look, I created this one for college one day and after I was done I knew I had to put it on the blog. There is not much that I’ve done, nothing out of the box but the look still gives me such a fresh vibe. I love how it came out and I realized that sometimes keeping it simple does the magic.

IMG_5328 (2)

IMG_5380 (2)

IMG_5342 (2)

IMG_5385 (2)

I paired a black crop top with a pair of these gorgeous white palazzos with mustard detailing on the top. To layer, I added on  my personal favorite denim shirt dress. For accessories I chose to go for this tasselled bohemian neckpiece, a stone ring and chain bracelet. I also wore my all time favorite and very bohemian fringed suede shoes to keep the vibe going.

IMG_5401 (2)

So, this was it ladies. Let me know if you like the look and if you too think that bags these days can make a statement too!


Bag: Boriya Basta, find them here and here

Crop top: Forever21

Palazzo pants:

Shirt dress: Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

All accessories: Janpath market, Delhi

Shoes: Street Style Store

All thanks to my brother and photographer, Anmol for such lovely pictures. Do check him out, here.

And until next time,




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