BACK TO THE 90’s!!

It is all coming back. Fashion repeats itself every 30 years they say and in a life span of 23 years I’ve seen it doing much more than that and more frequently.

Hey everyone!

I have been more than excited for this post for a long time now. There are two big reasons for the same, one I get to work with my best friend and a very successful blogger Komal Pandey of The College Couture. Second, that I get to show my love for the 90’s fashion, something I grew up with. Wohooo!

As a child, my mom made most of my fashion choices and honestly like any other kid I hated it all. So now that it is all back again I wanted to get a good taste of this 90’s fashion . I love this era of fashion. Totally one of my favourites. With all the colors, flares, minis, prints, chokers, crop tops, platforms,  doc martens and freaky hairstyles, I absolutely love it all. Mean girls is one of my favourite movies from this time and Regina sure gave us some style inspiration.

Komal and I both share this love and wanted to show  you guys how you could easily create outfits that are 90’s, super cute and a must for you to try. I will talk about my look and details of the same. For Komal’s version on her look you can visit her blog, a link of which I’ll attach at the bottom.

IMG_4920 (3)

Now that we were doing a post on 90’s I wanted to go all the way with it. And you know who helped? StalkBuyLove. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I am a big fan of their collection. SBL has things that you will not get on any other online platforms. My favorites have to be their tops and dresses with the sexiest backs ever. Their bodysuits and skirts are another favs.

IMG_4914 (2)

IMG_4976 (2)

For this look I chose to go for a black off-shoulder bodysuit to start with. Honestly speaking, I had never worn one before and all of a sudden I see bodysuits everywhere now so wanted to get my hands on one too. But, I didn’t know how they worked. I mean how do you do your natural business wearing them. Call me dumb but I am being honest. Well, for those like me who don’t know, they come with tich buttons at the bottom. Tadaa! The best thing about these is that they give you the best fir ever. EVER!

IMG_4945 (2)

IMG_4912 (3)

Next up, I got this beautiful suede skirt, again from SBL. I was tired of seeing these brown suede skirts everywhere and so I went for this maroon one rather. I think it’s a much better color and looks great with the black top. To keep adding the 90’s flavour, I paired my socks with the same on which I added these beautiful flowers to dazzle them up. DIY tutorial on the same coming soon.

IMG_4902 (2)

IMG_4900 (2)

Then, I also went on to add this tattoo choker necklace that I made long ago. Find the DIY tutorial, here. And a pair of silver round reflectors did the trick for me. For shoes I went for my white platform sandals because platforms in itself are a 90’s thing. 😀 I also carried around this sunflower bag that I made out of pants I never wore!

IMG_4913 (2)


Please do let me know of what you think of this post and the look in the comments below. And Don’t forget to check out Komal and her take on why she wore this outfit on


Black bodysuit- StalkBuyLove, find it here.

Suede skirt-StalkBuyLove, find it here.

Socks- Tibetan Market, Delhi

Reflectors- Janpath Market, Delhi.

A huge thanks to my very talented photographer for the amazing pictures. Please do visit his page for more of his incredible work here.

Until the next one,



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